Spotify Premium, Rule My World

Today we have a number of exclusive pre-listen opportunities for Spotify Premium subscribers.


First off, we have the fourth album from Norwegian indie folk-pop duo Kings Of Convenience. The much anticipated Declaration Of Dependence is their first album in five years and starting today subscribers in Finland, Norway, Sweden & Spain can listen to it before it arrives in stores.


Next up we have the hugely anticipated album, No Smoke, No Mirrors, the newest release from The Holloways. Set to come out on October 5th Spotify Premium subscribers can listen to it starting today and check out their official website for all their tour details.


Danish rock duo, The Raveonettes, consists of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo. Next month they’re releasing their fourth studio album, In And Out Of Control, subscribers in Spain, France and UK can listen to starting today.


And our final pre-release comes from Swedish singer, Name The Pet. Her new single, American Boys, is debuting today for subscribers in Sweden.