Spotify Premium Sweden, Rock Band for Xbox


The Beatles have recently released a great new version of the hit game Rock Band which includes a large selection of their music. Our good friends over at EA have given us five copies of The Beatles Rock Band for the Xbox 360 to give away to Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden.

For a chance to win this great prize, simply leave a comment on this post and let us know why you think you should win. And let’s hope we can see the fab four join more digital services soon!


  1. Since I currently cant listen to The Beatels on my favorite music player(Spotify) it would be nice to sing and play with them on my Xbox 360 :)

  2. I live near Abbey Road and visit the recording studios sometimes, it would be great fun to play Rock Band with my partner in crime (game development) — Josh.

    Loving Spotify on the iPhone, you’ve done a great job!

  3. med tanke på att jag inte kan spela Beatleslåtar eller låtar av George Harrison via spotify, och att dessa är två av mina favoritartister, så skulle det inte vara annat är just den karma som en majoritet av bandet trodde på att jag skulle få denna möjlighet att njuta av deras musik nu när jag inte längre bor inom låneavstånd från min fars CD-skivor och gärna slipper piratkopiera.