First look at Spotify on S60

Today is turning into mobile day here at Spotify. You’ve had a few hours to play around with our iPhone and Android apps but we didn’t want to leave out all those people who have a phone that runs the S60 mobile platform.

So here is a first look at a demo of the Spotify running on S60 which is currently in development.

It’s an early version and we still have a fair bit of work to do before we can release it but we wanted to give you a little idea of what to expect. And like our other mobile apps, Spotify for S60 will be available for our premium subscribers.

French summary:
‘Voici une première démonstration de l’application Spotify pour les mobiles Nokia Série 60, qui est actuellement en développement pour nos abonnés premium. Ce n’est qu’un début et il nous reste un peu de travail avant de vous la proposer mais nous voulions vous donner une idée de ce qui vous attend.’

Spanish summary:
Aquí tienes un primer vistazo de la demo de Spotify en el S60 que actualmente se encuentra en desarrollo para nuestros suscriptores premium. Es una versión preliminar y todavía tenemos trabajo que hacer antes de lanzarla pero queremos mostrarte una pequeña idea de lo que esperamos.

Update: Spotify for Symbian is now available for download.


  1. Too bad Spotify did not release this app in time… The local carriers are teaming up with Nokia Comes with Music already… This app is way cooler, but is not available…

  2. If the finishing touches is is this; make playlists that allows you to have a folder with the artist name, and the albums as subfolders.. pretty please? 🙂

  3. PLEASE RELEASE THE FREAKIN BETA NOW!!!!!! I’m just getting desperate here!!! HOW hard can it be to develope this thingy? I might thinking you’re holding this back just cause your lazy… MyGOD how much money you could’ve earned on this S60!!

  4. 2 meses para que alguien del staff responda a este hilo interminable… POR FIN!!

    Ahora ánimo para que se termine la version final de Spotify, y no salga una aplicación llena de bugs 😉

    No veo la hora, y por supuesto me hare premium cuando salga, no antes. 🙂

  5. 0db: Yes it will 🙂 (I could have been telling you to read/search through the posts above… lol)

  6. First, I love spotify, I have been using it for a few months now 🙂 Awesome work !
    Second, you will get a new premium user the second you release this S60 version :p

    I can’t wait for it !

  7. “Finishing touches” hit och “Dåliga programmerare” dit. Tror att ni ska skylla den långa väntetiden på Tomten istället. Klart Spotify väntar med releasen tills man börjar komma in i julstämningen, precis som skiv- och filmbolag alltid har gjort. Att ingen i forumet redan genomskådat planen är underligt. Spotify till mobilen blir årets julklapp. Spikmattan kan slänga sig i väggen.

  8. Avec un Samsung player HD, symbian OS 5th edition j’attends impatiemment la mise à jour de Spotify.

  9. Yes! Måndag kommer den…. Snart 🙂 Detta är vad jag har hört! Håll tummarna!!