Spotify Premium, Thank Me Later

Daniel Merriweather Spotify

Last week we announced a contest, which is still running, to win tickets to see Daniel Merriweather live at the Bloomsbury Ballroom. Today we have his new album, Love & War, available as a pre-release for Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK, Sweden and Norway.


And after nearly a three year hiatus, Umeå’s Deportees return later this month with their third album Under The Pavement – The Beach. Starting today Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden, Norway and Finland can listen to the whole album two weeks before it’s released.

Additionally, we have two pairs of tickets to see the Deportees live in Gothenburg on May 30th. If you’re Spotify Premium subscribers and want to attend the concert leave a comment on this blog blog and we’ll pick a winner.

To listen to these great new albums or enter any of the contests make you subscribe to Spotify Premium today.