Spotify music catalogue updated with 5,600 releases

For a lot of people this is a short work week, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have new music to liven up the week. Today we’ve updated our music catalogue and added more than 5,600 new singles and albums, in total over 55,000 new tracks were added.

Some of todays new additions include the brand new album from the Doves, Kingdom of Rust. Another new album just released is Fork In The Road, the latest from Neil Young.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country due to regional restrictions.

Additionally we made a few small changes to the way we display music. We removed the “Album version” tags from tracks since they weren’t very nice to look at. Additionally material from Universal Music was missing the “Featured Artists” tags, for example, Welcome To Heartbreak did not properly list Kid Cudi as a featured artist.


  1. First of all, thanks for fixing the Album version issue!

    In Sweden this update was 32.000 tracks so many restricted tracks this time.

    Still many good new albums added. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, would it be possible to add a “year” column to the file, to make it easier to pick the latest realises?

  3. affisch – I can add an “Earliest release date” column. It’s not always exactly when an album is released, rather it’s when it’s available for us but it would help narrow down new releases.

  4. You still have a lot of work ahead of you. ie, what does “members of mayday” and “tony levin” have in common? Nothing! Tadaa!

    The electronic side of the catalogue is still missing most of the genre tags and the techno(!?) radio is a joke.

    Why there is a minimal-house sub-genre name used for describing everything electronic?

    Keep up the good work. Hope to see issues like these resolved in the near future.

  5. also it’d be good if you could get a slide down menu for release date so we can sort them by our countrys release date. 2008 puts me off a bit:D i only go for 2009 on new updates.

  6. although that would probably be a bit hard for every release. so maybe not but it would be good if you could

  7. Album versions really gone? At least with this album they’re still there spotify:album:7xENQGPaL9B1KLxQ9w1Fql

  8. The album spotify:album:6ywXkR5CXN0pLCuA4cDV4J is still put on the wrong artist. This is Ólöf Arnalds, not Ólafur.

  9. -vvv- – You’re likely caching that album which is why it’s still showing the Album version. If you delete the local Spotify cache it should be fine then.

  10. oh yes! Morgana lefay is BACK! 🙂 thanks for Depeche mode, Euskefeurat and MArtin Ljung! 🙂

  11. New Neil Young – great!
    Something that bugs me a little is the dates given to album releases – would be great if they could be sorted according to original release date (instead of latest re-release date). Also, why list so many different versions of the same album for some artists?
    Otherwise, great service, cheers!

  12. Awesome.

    But still nothing new from Debauchery. They released a new album on the 3rd of April. Will that be added?

  13. I was really happy when I saw a email from freshspotify telling me you added some Tiesto music I wanted.
    * Elements Of Life (album)
    * The Best Of Tiësto (album)
    However none of these are available in Sweden when I click the link to access them.

    Elements of life can be bought in Sweden and both of them are available on the net legally to listen to so it sucks that I can’t listen to them on spotify :/

  14. There seems to be a fault with some of the new Marsh Marigold additions which have been labelled as by various artists.

    These two should be by This Years Model.


    These two should be by Love Dance


    Finally this one should be by Knabenkraut


    Thanks for getting rid of the album version thing!

  15. the program is incredible, congratulations!
    I am all the hooked day listening to music!!! it’s incredible to be able to find thousands of whole discs and to be able to make lists. really, congratulations!!!

    sorry, I speak a little english…

    Juan from Barcelona (Spain)

  16. What an amazing program !
    Everybody use it now in my office 😉 (It was really esay to convince my colleagues in 30s of using spotify…)

  17. Is it just me, or are the (audio) ads becoming more frequent? I’ve just heard two in the space of a 10-song album… in the past, I’ve gone through three or four albums without hearing a single advert. Is this the beginning of the end for the free version, as we all expected?

  18. It sounds great that you removed the “album version” tag, which is a major obstacle for the integration with However, the “album version” tracks are still present on my computer, on loads of albums. There are other, similar tags as well, that seem perhaps even more meaningless. Take Paper Trail by T.I., for instance, or the new Stereophonics compilation. I do understand that this is a huge task to complete, but hopefully, it will eventually be removed.

  19. sfocata: I think it’s mostly random. Sometimes you don’t hear one in an album or two, then sometimes you hear two in the space of four songs. It’s not something I worry about since they need to make money from SOMEWHERE for the free users.

  20. On a couple of compilation albums added in this update the songs are missing the artist. I found these

    Otherwise i enjoyed this update.

  21. This being my first trip into Spotify
    A great assortment of music for all.I am a great Klaus Wunderlich fan but have been unable to find any of his music in your vast library.Is there a reason for this? I am sure there alot of Oldie surfers out there who would enjoy his real music.

  22. poraro – yeah, I just worried that there was a deliberate increase in the ads, but if you’ve noticed a fairly random appearance of them, that’s fine by me.