New Spotify community sites

Each month we’ve seen community services and sites pop up in support of Spotify and we’re really impressed with the work that has gone into them. There are even a few blogs, like The Pansentient League, which review all these new services and collects them in one place.

Some of the more interesting sites that have recently appeared include ShareMyPlaylists, a great new playlist sharing site. Toastify, which in an add-on to give you a pop-up on track changes and allows global hot key use. Lastify, which adds love/ban buttons from (for Mac OS only) to compliment our built-in scrobbling support and Fresh Spotify which alerts users to when we add new music from your favorite artists.

We don’t recommend any one site in particular, we think they’re all great, and we really love to see interesting and creative uses of Spotify. If you’ve got a community site or are working on a new cool use for Spotify let us know and we might feature it in a future blog post.