Spotify missing your favorite artists? You can help

Spotify has deals with the major record labels as well as some of the large independent aggregators like Merlin but there are still lots of labels around the world which we don’t have deals with yet. Our content team is constantly working to sign new deals and get music from our current partners but it’s hard for them to contact every label and artist individually.

So how do you know if your favorite artist will be available on Spotify? First you can find out what label the artist is on with Discogs, an excellent resource for finding music information. Then have a look at the labels we have signed, if the artist is covered by one of the deals then it’s likely they’ll get added to our catalogue in the near future. We’re currently adding about 10,000 tracks a day from our current deals.

If they’re not a part of one of our current deals then the way you can help us is to contact the label or artists and let them know you want to hear their music on Spotify. We’re ready and willing to sign any label and they can contact our content team by emailing


  1. Is there someway to get soundtracks from movies available?

    I´m a deathmetal listener, most bands are on spotify but “All that remains” is missing, please!

  2. SAY ANYTHING – a walk through hell
    that would be it for the time being 😛

    ~ all of my fave artist are on there like selena gomez, miley cyrus, demi lovato, jordan pruitt, aly + aj, vanessa hudgens, jonas brothers etc. please please please. loads of my friends have spotify but don’t really use it because there fave artists aren’t on there because you don’t have hollywood records. please please try and get it
    many thanks.

  4. Snälla Brokencyde… bästa bandet 🙂 skulle vara mycket tacksam om de skulle komma med för det är en anledning att jag slutat lyssna på spotify… snälla lägg till !!

  5. She Wants Revenge – This Is Forever
    Label: Flawless Records (2)
    Catalog#: B0010042-02
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: US
    Released: 09 Oct 2007
    Genre: Electronic, Rock

  6. i missing Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

    this is hes labels

    Facing Future

    E Ala Ē

    Alone In Iz World

    Wonderful World

    i belive it is the Big Boy Record Company that holds the rights

  7. Rednex – The way i mate

    Other songs with Rednex there but not this one.

  8. Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182…
    They are World-known bands, that’s a BIG hole in Spotify.

  9. Hey this i like my tenth respons! But pls add a Album called
    Box Of Scorpions from the band scorpions to the swedish catalogue. Its all i want. More scorpions please!

  10. Giusy Ferreri on Sony/BMG. You can’t let her amazing Italian voice stay missing from Spotify for much longer!

  11. Khymera – The greates wonder. Their album is missing, if you can’t find the whole album I’m very interested on getting at least the song: Love has been and gone. from the album.

  12. Would be great if you added the two albums of Breaking Benjamin that you don’t have already: Saturate and Dear Agony

  13. Touch and go-Would you (go to bed with me)!! Best song ever why isn’t it on spotify??

  14. Ice Cube’s ‘Raw Footage’ album was released just over a year ago…any chance of it appearing any time soon?

  15. ALL THAT REMAINS are all of a sudden taken away from Spotify. This band is the superior reason to why I even use your service, please isn’t enough, so I silently beg you behind my screen..

  16. Pink Floyd
    Tracy Chapman
    The Eagles
    Pretty please 🙂