Spotify to add classical content from Naxos

naxos.pngI’m pleased to let you know that we’ve signed an agreement with Naxos, one of the world’s leading classic music labels, to bring a huge selection of classical music to Spotify. The agreement with Naxos will give us over 100,000 new tracks to add to the classical genre.

One of our goals has always been to connect people to their favorite music and adding classical music from Naxos takes us one step closer to this goal and we couldn’t be happier. We hope to start getting material from Naxos in the coming months and will post the new releases when they are available.


  1. Good to see you getting classical labels onboard, i’m hoping it will be the same with film soundtrack labels

  2. This is, again, excellent news! This alone would be enough to keep me as a premium subscriber.

  3. Thats great, why do I get loads of fosters ads and american idiots talking all over the music I try to listen through Spotify? Is this a push to get me to sign up to the premium service? Its an absolute nightmare! Please fix or I’m off!!

  4. Very nice!
    This would be a good time to revamp your tag search engine and add a composer field – to search for classical music either by artist, album or track quickly gets annoying…

  5. Excellent news. I do agree with comment above re searching on composer. A browse facility would also be good…

  6. lovely news, do you have a link to a google doc with all the albums you’re adding?

  7. constantine – We don’t usually know what we’re getting until it arrives so unfortunately I can’t provide a list until it’s been added in.

  8. Great news – again!

    I agree with p33t3r and rburdett about the issue of composer vs conductor vs artist. It’s a bit difficult to find all the great classical music already available. However, I’m sure the Spotify team will work something out eventually.

  9. Brilliant! I listen alot to classical music at work and this will hopefully give me weeks of playtime without recycling. Hear hear! And I second the wish for more soundtrack albums.

  10. I don’t listen to much classical music, but I’m glad it’s coming here anyways. I might listen to it sometime and there is bound to be some people who listen to it daily. Good job!

  11. Wooow..
    This sounds amazing!
    I hope you’ll:
    -Upgrade the sound quality to a higher level – due to the nature of classical music, and
    – do something to remove the gaps between tracks. This is serious disturbing when listening to operas and live-concerts.

  12. It would be nice with a plugin for Messenger so that my current stream of music is displayed in messenger! 🙂

  13. @harrkan: Are you talking about MSN Messenger? If so it is already possible. Just activate the settings you would use when listening to wmp and it should work.

  14. Good for you, us!
    BTW, composer Philip Glass is not dead. His biography is in the past tense… 🙂

  15. This will only further the common public opinion that classical music is “boring” and too polished. Naxos recordings are a scourge on the world and this will make it harder to find real artists like Stefano Montanari and Il Giardino Armonico.

  16. Nice. But isn’t it a real shame to listen to classical music in a not quite perfect format?

    For classical newbie like though, nice.

  17. I do think that the “artist” column for classical music should be the composer’s and not, unlike now, the group/solo artist/orchestra who performed that particular recording. Maybe include, like iTunes, an “Album Artist” column for the performer(s).

  18. @mannu: There’s quite a lot of good music on Naxos if you look around a bit. As you mention Montanari and Giardino Armonico, Naxos’ early music section is actually really good. For instance, there’s an ongoing Buxtehude-project with people like Lars-Ulrik Mortensen, John Holloway, Jaap ter Linden and Emma Kirkby, among others. Naxos is not all bad…

    If this also means that we get Naxos-affiliated labels like Dacapo And Bis – Hooray!

    I do agree with some of the other commenters about sound quality, though.

  19. This is such an good resource for us lot doing GCSE music. Hurray for spotify!

  20. Will you be adding similar classical content from Decca, Deutsche Grammaphon and/or Phillips?

  21. It is all so wonderful!! I am 84 years old, live on classical music and I am really grateful for you introducing a programme which makes me want to live MANY more years, THANK YOU.