Spotify scrobbles

Almost immediately after launch we started getting heaps of requests from people who wanted to be able to scrobble the music they were playing on Spotify to ( is a cool music recommendation site for those of you who don’t know). The demand was so high that people started creating their own solutions to scrobble, which were cool but a little hard to install and run for the average user.

So today we are really excited to announce that we’ve added scobbling support directly into Spotify, no more need to install any other software. To setup scrobbling just open the user preferences in Spotify and enter your username and password and you’re ready to scrobble. account settings in Spotify
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And there’s more! One of our developers also came up with a neat Greasemonkey script for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari that works with What is does is it adds a little green music icon next to all the tracks, albums and artists on’s website. When you click the icon it will search through Spotify for that artist or track and you can start listening to it right away. To get the add-on you need to download Greasemonkey for your browser (or Greasekit if you use Safari) and then the script.

So for everyone who was waiting for this feature, enjoy!


  1. Hi all,

    Scenario: I use Spotify on a computer where the network policy doesn’t allow scrobbling to Last.FM (giving Error 403), and now have a rather large bunch of queued scrobbles just waiting to be submitted.

    Question: If I close (or log out of) Spotify on this computer, and then log in later on at home, will the queued scrobbles be picked up and transferred, or does the queuing only work on the computer running Spotify at the time of playing the music in question? (Rephrased: Are queued scrobbles associated with my Spotify account (and therefore retrievable from any PC I log into later on), or are they only valid for the PC I’m using to actually play the music?)

    Any knowledgeable people out there who know the answer?..

  2. Retrospective scrobbling?

    I just enabled scrobbling to, but can I somehow register what i’ve been listening to on spotify for the past year?

  3. I have the same problem as many people here do. I type in my username and password, click apply, and nothing happens. An awful shame.

  4. Why can’t I “love” tracks in Last.FM via the scrobbler? They appear in my recent Or am I meant to do everything twice with “Stars?” The sooner Spotify or Last.FM buys the other, the better.

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