Welcome to our blog

Servers in LondonIt’s been almost two months since we released the beta test of Spotify after eight months of quiet work.

Thanks for all your feedback! We appreciate it, whether it’s about that new, cool social feature you’re longing for or a crash report. Please keep the feedback coming through the feedback function in the client application or send an e-mail to feedback@spotify.com!

Or just use your blog! We’ll make sure to read it! Meanwhile, we’ve been busy fixing the bugs you find, working on new features and setting up a new distribution center in London.

Servers in LondonI hope to be posting quite a lot on the blog along with other members of the Spotify team. Stay tuned for future updates and thanks for using Spotify!

Oh, and there is one more thing… Spotify for Mac is ready for your testing. Go get it!

Enjoy the music!