Vinn ett möte med Hoffmaestro på Bråvalla

Ta chansen att träffa Hoffmaestro backstage på Bråvalla. Det EP aktuella elvamannabandet som även tituleras Sveriges bästa liveband kommer att riva av ett gig som du inte vill missa 15:00 på fredagen den 28:e juni. Och här har du alltså chansen att vinna en träff med bandet strax innan de går på scen. Vinnaren får […]

Music That Inspires Movements

“From civil rights and women’s suffrage to anti-apartheid and Live 8, protest songs have helped shape history. When people come together and raise their voices, extraordinary things can happen” – Today kicks off an incredible music project that re-imagines some of the world’s most powerful protest songs while reminding us that we each have […]

Vår intervju med I Don’t Speak French

För dem som inte känner till I Don’t Speak French sedan tidigare – kan ni berätta lite vilka ni är? Vi är ett indiepop/rock band baserat i Växjö, vi har precis släppt vår första singel på skivbolaget 100 songs. Vi kommer alla från olika delar av Sverige, men träffades i Växjö. Jens och Andreas är […]

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations. We start a new week with an alternative rock band from Seattle: “Roman Holiday” and their single “Fuel The Fire” released back in 2011. We continue with yet another American favorite: “Creep In A T-Shirt” by Portland based “Portugal. The Man”. Then time for some dreamy Scandipop! The […]

Our Interview with LTJ Bukem

“It doesn’t matter where music comes from; if it hits you, that’s it…” When the lists of Great Drum and Bass Pioneers is drawn up – and can that day be far off? – the name of Danny Williamson will be on it, only he won’t be called Danny Williamson, he’ll be called LTJ Bukem, […]

Our Interview with Bastille

“I still find it bizarre that anyone even listens to my music…” Dan Smith formed Bastille, basically, in his London bedroom back in 2010. Last April they released their debut single, Overjoyed, which was followed, in fairly quick succession by Bad Blood and Flaws before the monstrous great hit Pompeii arrived February. Much of the […]

May Beats presented by @thursplay

Here’s what you’ll listen to on this April Beats by our friends at @thursplay : Starting off on this May Beats by @thursplay [2013] listen to Lana Del Rey’s new single “Young and Beautiful” and let’s all agree: yes, she still got it! Also with new music is Swedish electronic duo The Knife, listen to […]

Our Interview with Lorde

“Someone put a dozen sausages down their throat, just inserted them right down their throat!” 16-year-old Ella Yelich-O’Connor picks up the phone in her studio on the North Shore of New Zealand just moments after she has just released the music video for Royals into the world. “It was only a few minutes ago,” she […]

Stuck for what to play next? Start Discovering.

We’re excited to let you know that from today, you can start to enjoy an entirely new and personal way of discovering music on Spotify. The all-new Discover page Your hunt for the right music is over! Spotify’s Discover page continually seeks out personal recommendations for you. – Endless recommendations based on the music you […]