Thank you all…

for a great party! You know how it works, it’s the people who’ll make the party so thanks for showing up! We had a fantastic time, hope you did as well! The balloons and the chairs seems to live a life of their own 🙂 Find more pictures from the party at Flickr

Congratulations, Antoine, and thank you all!

Great to see so many participate in our ad contest, there’s been a lot of creative contributions and I would like to say a thank you to all of you who took the time to send in your answers! Antoine, our winner got five extra invites, many congrats! We’d like to take the opportunity to […]

Ads in Spotify

Earlier this year, in February, we started testing advertising within Spotify for a few of our beta testers. As we get closer to launch we’re expanding this advertising test to include almost all Spotify users. As from today you’ll notice that we’re testing a number of different models and formats, including audio spots and banners. […]

How it all began

At Spotify we spend most of our our waking hours online, so it’s very hard to imagine a world without the web. It’s an exciting time in history and there is a bunch of interesting people behind it that we’re grateful to. Read more about our heroes in the July issue of Vanity Fair.

How does music work?

Spending all day trying to index all music in the world you tend to think about this sort of question. A friend sent us this really interesting podcast from Radio Lab in which they are trying to discover the main ingredients of music and understand why it touches us so intimately. So what exactly is […]

Behind the scenes

We’ve been taking Daniel’s and Martin’s pictures. It’s not been easy to get them to pose for us, but once we managed to get them in front of the camera they appeared to be naturals, both of them. 🙂