#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

We start this week with a track called “Pompeii” by a new British favorite band: “Bastille”. This song is taken from their debut album “Bad Blood” released back in February.

Next we have an American indie rock band: “Pomegranates” and their song “Create Your Own Reality”. We continue with yet another American; Brooklyn based “American Authors” and their song “Best Day Of My Life”.

The French group “Phoenix” just released a new album called “Bankrupt!”. The next song in our playlist is one of my favorite tracks from this new album called “Chloroform”.

The last song in our playlist is the dreamy song “Love divine” by the Swedish duo “W&I”.

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Our interview with Little Mix

Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade came into our office recently and played four songs just for us. Afterwards we piled them into a room so they could tell us all about the music that they love, about the songs and artists that inspired them and, guess, what. They did.

What song reminds you of your childhood?

Jesy: Spice Girls’ ‘Spice Up Your Life’.

Leigh-Anne: I sang The Honeys ‘Finally Found’ a lot when I was younger, so that would be mine.

Perrie: I’d go for Eiffel 65’s ‘I’m Blue’ or Hanson’s ‘MMMbop’!

Jade: Mine would be ‘Baby Love’ by Diana Ross and the Supremes.

What record is your guaranteed, sure-fire party starter?

Leigh-Anne: Flo Rida’s ‘Wild Ones’ was my song of last year and I still bang it out all the time. I absolutely love it!

Perrie: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ ‘Thrift Shop’ gets me in the mood. But Fatman Scoop’s ‘Be Faithful’ sends everyone nuts.

Jade: ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by Black Eyed Peas is a bit obvious, but it always works!

Leigh-Anne: You’ve got to have Snoop and Pharrell’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’.

Jesy: Gwen Stefani and Eve’s ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ is a brilliant party track.

Perrie: The Killers’ ‘Mr Brightside’ gets everyone dancing.

Jesy: No! I’d sit down if that came on – I hate that sort of music.

Leigh-Anne: There was that song we were always playing in the kitchen of the X-Factor house.

Perrie: Panic At The Disco, ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’.

Jesy: I wouldn’t have that!

Perrie: We’d have to have ‘Love On Top’ by Beyonce too.

What song would you play before you left the house to get you in the mood?

Jade: I’d go for ‘Dirrty’ by Christina Aguilera.

Perrie: Calvin Harris and Example’s ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’.

Jesy: Oh, for me it would have to be ‘Run It!’ by Chris Brown or ‘OMG’ by Usher.

All: Robyn S’ ‘Show Me Love’ is still an amazing song.

What’s your ultimate dancefloor track?

Jesy: I love that Cascade track, ‘Every Time We Touch’.

Leigh-Anne: Wynter Gordon’s ‘Dirty Talk’ is a huge tune!

Perrie: Oh yeah, I love that one!

Jesy: You can’t have a party without Run DMC’s ‘It’s Like That’.

Jade: Or ‘Flowers’ by Sweet Female Attitude – love that.

Does the perfect song exist?

Jesy: Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ – the words to that are just amazing.

Leigh-Anne: I wish that we’d done ‘No Scrubs’ or ‘Unpretty’, those were kind of perfect – but right now I’d say Bruno Mars’ ‘When I Was Your Man’. That is a perfect song.

Jade: ‘Lately’ by Stevie Wonder is brilliant – I’d nominate that.

After the party, what would bring you back to earth?

Leigh-Anne: I’d listen to all slow jams…

Jesy: Toni Braxton’s ‘Un-Break My Heart’!

Perrie: Dobie Gray’s ‘Drift Away’ is a great song – and we all love ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman.

Jesy: ‘End Of the Road’ by Boyz II Men.

Jade: Miguel’s ‘Adorn’ is perfect for going home if you’re going home with someone…

Leigh-Anne: So is Usher’s ‘Climax’!

What would you recover to the next day?

Leigh-Anne: I don’t like to stop the party!

Jade: ‘Jimmy Mack’ by Martha and the Vandellas. Oh, and ‘Is This Love’ by Bob Marley.

Jesy: ‘Tonight’ by John Legend, that’s a great record and ‘You Remind Me’ by Usher.

Leigh-Anne: I’d have to have some Chris Brown in there too – probably ‘4 Years Old’, or ‘Stuck On Stupid’.

Finally – crucially – what’s your favourite noise?

Perrie: I love rain on a window and the pop from a brand new jar.

Jade: For me it’s crunchy leaves.

Jesy: I love thunder – as long as I’m inside.

Leigh-Anne: I love a saxophone. It’s really sexy!

April Beats presented by @thursplay


Here’s what you’ll listen to on this April Beats by our friends at @thursplay :

It’s the last week of April and in this playlist you can listen to the best music releases all other playlist might have just missed!

Starting off on this April Beats by @thursplay [2013] discover Swedish group Hurricane Love with their heartfelt single “Only Human” and let their smooth voices get you in the mood for what comes next, James Blake with “Overgrown” from his latest album of same name.

Of course you’ll be able to listen to the much anticipated new song by Daft Punk ft. Pharell Williams “Get Lucky” followed by “Sacrilege” by the excellent New York based Yeah Yeah Yeahs – who doesn’t love Karen O’s voice?

It gets better: listen to Swiss/German pop duo BOY catchy new song “Little Numbers”, Autre Ne Veut with “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, new song by Vampire Weekend “Diane Young”, English alternative rock band Suede with “For the Strangers” from their new album “Bloodsports” and Finish duo Sin Cos Tan with “Bittersweet”.

You know who else released new music? IAMX, Iron & Wine, Rilo Kiley and Broken Social Scene, all in this playlist!

What were your favorite releases during April?

Share them with us today on Twitter using the hashtag #thursplay.

The Nordic Playlist

Den Nordiska Spellistan (The Nordic Playlist, NPL) är under utveckling av NOMEX (NOMEX drivs av de fem nordiska musikexportkontoren. Målet är att underlätta för tillväxt och utveckling för nordisk musikbransch). Innehållet reflekterar vad som är populärt inom den pan-nordiska regionen just nu. Den Nordiska Spellistan går nu in i ett bettest och vi söker användare som är intresserade att ge feedback till oss under testperioden.

Spotify kommer att samarbeta genom att strömma Den Nordiska Spellistan när den är färdigutvecklad senare under året. Fram till dess uppmanar vi de som är intresserade av nordisk musik att gå med i betatestet här http://www.nordicplaylist.com.

Spotify Exclusive – The Other Side – New single with Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo once again takes the center stage with his all-new single release The Other Side, the first single from his upcoming September album. Spotifyers can listen to the track exclusively all week leading up to the worldwide release on April 23rd.

“This song is basically about taking that next step,” Jason explains. “You know, having this friend and taking it to the other side, which is turning into lovers. You know, sparks fly.”

The Other Side is the first album track released by the American singer since his serious neck injury in early 2012, which forced him to abruptly cancel the major part of his world tour. “That one experience helped me to grow up in a second,” he says. “I was on autopilot. I was going around the world. I was performing. I was just literally going through the motions…When that kind of thing is taken away from you, you realize how much you appreciate what you love doing and who you love.

Vår intervju med Vanbot

Berätta om din nya singel! Vad är det vi hör?

When My Heart Breaks handlar de där omöjliga relationerna som man aldrig slutar brottas med, men som man inte kan leva utan. De där relationerna som är så viktiga att man brakar sönder om nåt går snett. Låten är producerad av Johan Eckeborn (låtskrivare ch producent till bl.a. Jonathan Johansson) och han lyckades verkligen fånga nerven i låten!

För dem som inte känner Vanbot, kan du berätta lite om hur det startade?

Allt startade när jag skrev Bitter is The Sweetest Part. Jag hade skrivit musik sedan tonåren och haft olika band, men det var först med den låten som jag hittade hem i det elektroniska soundet! Jag snöade in på elektronisk syntiga grejer och jobbade fram mitt debutalbum tillsammans med producenten Sebastian Forslund. 2011 släpptes albumet och sedan dess har vi spelat runtom i Sverige, Europa och USA. Nu jobbar jag med nästa album…

Vad skulle du säga är det som kännetecknar din musik?

Melodier och syntar. Jag är besatt av att hitta den perfekta melodin i brytpunkten mellan okonstlad, rå nerv och omedelbar stickyness.

Vilka tre album skulle Vanbot inte existera utan?

Crystal Castles – (II)

M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

Niki & The Dove – Instinct

Vad lyssnar du på just nu?

När kommer nästa album?

I höst. Vansinnigt pepp på det!

Var kan man se dig spela nästa gång?

Debaser Slussen onsdag 17 april.

Hola. Helo. Tere. Sveiki. 你好. Selamat datang.

Exciting times! Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing a new world of music to eight new markets across the globe.

We’re taking our first steps in Latin America with Mexico, and Asia with Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Plus we’re thrilled to make new friends in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.

This fantastic step now brings us to 28 markets and closer to our dream of making all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, wherever and whenever they want it.

Happy listening!

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

We start this week’s playlist with a band featuring members of The Get Up Kids, fun., The New Amsterdams, Kevin Devine and The Goddamn Band, and Ghosty! We continue with “Lasorda”, and the sound of Suzannah Johannes’ soft vocals. “The Age of Wonder” is from Lasorda’s self-titled debut album, released back in December 2012.

We also have a solo artist “Deptford Goth” also known as South Londoner Daniel Woolhouse. “Feel Real” is from his debut album “Life After Defo” relesed in March.

Next song in our playlist is “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails” by the American electronic/pop band “Stepdad”. Then time for Copenhagen’s Søren Løkke Juul and “Indians”. The song “Bird” is taken from his latest album “Somewhere Else”

Last song in our playlist this week is “Is It Honest?” by American “Woods”.

If you have song suggestions for next week’s playlist, be sure to drop them in Mona’s Spotify Inbox.

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Vinn biljetter till Britta Perssons exklusiva release konsert!

Det är nu 2,5 år sedan Britta Persson släppte sin förra skiva ”Current Affair Medium Rare” men nu är Britta tillbaka!

Första singeln ”Baby No Name” som släpptes i början av mars spelas redan flitigt på radion och dansgolven och har redan gett oss en försmak på nya skivan ”If I Was a Band My Name Would Be Forevers”. Albumet släpps 17 april men redan nu kan du lyssna på hela albumet här på Spotify:

Här kan du även följa Britta på Spotify och lyssna på hennes egna spellistor: Följ Britta Persson,

Nu har du också chansen att vara med och tävla om väldigt exklusiva biljetter till Brittas releasefest 25 April. För att vara med att tävla behöver du svara på frågorna nedan och bilda en kod med hjälp av svaren.

Koden kommer bestå av 12 tecken, exempelvis; mkhelfyr5nsp.

Svara på frågorna nedan och följ instruktionerna för att bilda den korrekta koden:

Om Britta startade ett band, vad skulle det heta? Första bokstaven I bandnamnet

Vad heter Brittas trummis som också spelar I Kriget och Fireside? Förnamnet

Vem har producerat nya skivan tillsammans med Britta? Första bokstaven i efternamnet

Vad heter nya singeln från nya skivan? Första ordet i singel titeln

Britta är uppväxt i Vattholma som ligger norr om en universitet stad. Vilken? Först bokstaven i ortsnamnet

Vilken skiva I ordningen blir den nya skivan? Numret i siffror

Britta sjunger ibland vuxen barnmusik med några bröder, vad heter dem I efternamn? Första bokstaven I efternamnet

När du fått fram koden så skriver du in den i sökfältet i Spotify, se bild;

Enjoy Spotify on your LG Smart media products

We are please to announce that Spotify is available on selected LG Smart media products, including premium Blu-ray Home Cinema Systems and Blu-ray players.

This will allow all you to discover new music by browsing our large song library or listening to Spotify radio on your LG Smart audio or video device.

Some other features include:

• Access to our catalogue of over 18 million tracks.

• Search tracks, albums and artists

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• Add tracks to playlists

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For more information on which devices are supported head over to LG’s website.

Spotify will be enabled on the LG Blu-ray Home Cinema Systems and Blu-ray players via a firmware upgrade that will be rolled out during March and April.

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