#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

We start with a four-piece from Perth, Australia: “Rainy Day Women” and their catchy song “Sleigh Bed”.

We continue with a Brisbane producer duo; Jono Kirkham and Gav Parry aka “YesYou”. First song in our playlist this week is “Half Of It” which was their debut track released back in 2011.

Next song is “Catch The Light” by “Sin Fang”, a solo project by Seabear´s founder and singer Sindri Már Sigfússon.

Then time for “Hunting Grounds” the band formerly known as Howl. The single “Flaws” is from their debut album “In Hindsight” released back in 2012.

Last song in our playlist this week is “Shanty Town” by “Eden Mulholland”.

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