Christopher Spotify Session

Fredagen den 8 februari 2013 spelar Christopher en intim konsert på Spotifys huvudkontor i Stockholm. Var med och tävla här för att bli en av de lyckliga att få gå på denna exklusiva konsert. Allt du behöver göra för att delta i tävlingen är att skapa din egen playlist med fem av dina favoritlåtar med […]

Stay Motivated with Workout Playlists

January traditionally kick starts the ‘get fit’ season as millions of us hit the gym to work off festive over-indulgence. With this in mind, we analyzed workout playlists on the service to reveal the top tracks that motivated our users to get moving this January. The list of the ten most streamed tracks is dominated […]

Meet Vela and bring Voice Control to your Music

We love fantastic apps that make listening to music even easier and more fun. A recent standout is Vela, an iPhone app that brings voice control to music. Just tell Vela (Voice Enhanced Listening Assistant) what you want to hear – a song, artist, album or track – and it plays! The perfect hands-free companion […]

Vinn biljetter till The Hives

The Hives släppte i juni 2012 sitt femte album – Lex Hives. Hives har genom hela sin karriär gjort sig kända för att vara ett extremt starkt liveband och har turnérat oavbrutet en albumrelease. De inledde på Coachella förra våren och har sen dess spelat jorden runt, nu är de tillbaka i Sverige. Var med […]

Vår intervju med The Amplifetes

Från och med idag kan du lyssna på en exklusiv förhandslyssning av The Amplifetes nya album ”Where Is The Light”. Nedan kan du läsa en intervju med Henrik Korpi från bandet. Berätta om ert nya album! Vad är det vi hör? Det ni lyssnar på är The Amplifetes nya album som heter ”Where Is The […]

Some sweet stuff from Music Hack Day Stockholm!

Last weekend we hosted a Music Hack Day in Stockholm bringing together programmers, developers, musicians and designers to conceptualize, build and demo the future of music. Over this period of 24 hours, a ton of interesting stuff was developed and we thought we’d share of the some highlights! One of the standout apps was Orly, […]

The sounds of January courtesy of

We present you the music selection that our friends from Sharemyplaylists have handpicked for this month. 40 Years hits We’re often extolling the virtues of the recent wave of Swedish pop stars. But it’s no new thing. This playlist proves that Sverige has been a bastion of superb music for a long time. Created by […]

January Beats presented by @thursplay

Here’s what you’ll listen to on this January Beats by our friends at @thursplay : 2013 starts in full music mode! On this January Beats by @thursplay you can listen to: “The Archer” by Swedish duo The Deer Tracks; “Saucer Eyes” by Brooklyn five-piece indie pop Snowmine, Seattle based Deep Sea Diver with “You Go […]

App of the Week: Earache Metalizer

Having had both ears to the ground for the past 25 years, Earache Records knows a thing or two about uncovering new music – and now they’ve created a Spotify App that will help you uncover new metal tracks. The Earache Metalizer App is dedicated purely to metal music, helping you navigate the myriad metal […]