Spotify sponsrar programmerings-SM för gymnasieelever

Programmeringsolympiaden är en gymnasietävling i problemlösning med hjälp av programmering. Det är den svenska uttagningen till International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), som 2013 anordnas i Australien.

“Sverige har fått fram många unga supertalanger inom programmering, trots att ämnet är ovanligt i skolan. Sådana här tävlingar behövs för att utmana de bästa eleverna och de gör också att fler upptäcker hur kul programmering är”, säger Sofia von Celsing, People Operations på Spotify.

I årets IOI vann Simon Lindholm guld i ett startfält som annars toppades av Ryssland, Kina och USA. Simon har just börjat extrajobba som programmerare på Spotify.

Our interview with Haim

“30 million alien Princes taking over the whole world? I’d like to live there…”

Here are a few reasons why we really like Haim: 1. They’re funny. 2. In fact they’re really funny. 3. They make nice songs. 4. Did we mention how they’re funny? The three sisters – Este, Danielle, and Alana – are from Los Angeles and have, over the course of 2012, become serious Hot Musical Property (or, “Pop-erty”, if you like) thanks to their brilliantly loose-limbed music that draws on Fleetwood Mac, The Go-Gos, Prince, hip-hop, Kate Bush and a pile of other wonderful things. A few days ago they came in to the Spotify office and played three songs (one of which we’ve been sworn to secrecy over) and now we’d like them to live here. Only we’ve not told them that yet.

You began your musical life playing in a band with your mum and dad. Does that mean they were hippies?
Este: Mum was more of a hippy; she loved folk music like Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. All the Joan’s, basically.
Alana: My parents loved music – there was never a silent moment at home. We always had the radio or a record on and there were drums and instruments everywhere.
Danielle: My dad grew up around drums, so he thought it was very important part of our development!

Was he in a family band?
A: No! He would have loved to have been though. Grandma played harmonica. Everyone in our family plays harmonica, but we’ve not witnessed it as they are, basically, deceased.
D: Apparently, they would sit around the dinner table and play.
E: I’m not sure how appealing that is as an idea, to be honest.

It might have been beautiful…
E: It might have been, yes.
D: We’re the first generation of the family bands. Our kids will be Haim 2.0.

What music played in the house as you were growing up?
E: Well, every night after dinner we would do the dishes to disco radio. My mum was the best disco dancer ever. She was the girl who’d be in the middle of the circle getting cheered on.
B: There was Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, Chic…

Basically, any Nile Rodgers production?
E: Yeah! All those records worked for her. She loved Gloria Gaynor and she idolised Donna Summer as her name was Donna.
D: Dad listened to Spanish radio. He loves Spanish and Latin influenced radio. He loved Maná and Santana and Celina González.
A: We’re obsessed with her. We’re huge, huge fans!

Why Celina?
A: Her story is a lot like ours. She was in a family band, and then she toured with her husband driving the bus. Her music and her stage presence were so amazing.
E: She had such style; if she were alive today she’d be one of the biggest stars in the world.

Did you ever bring any music home that your parents just hated?
E: Oh God yes! The 90s were a difficult time for us. We loved Limp Bizkit, Korn and Puddle of Mudd.

D: We loved Papa Roach too. In fact, we still love them.
A: Our parents were on the right track. We’d bring rap home and they didn’t much like the harsh language on The Chronic, or from Eminem, but we still love those records so much.

Let’s cut to the chase, what five records couldn’t Haim exist without?
A: We couldn’t live without Joni Mitchell’s Blue, Paul Simon’s Graceland. Tom Petty’s Damn The Torpedoes and Destiny’s Child, The Writing’s On The Wall. That is a big one – that changed our lives.
E: We couldn’t live without Prince’s Controversy. I think that might be the greatest record ever made. I aspire to make a record one iota as cool and as fun as that or Purple Rain. Also, Prince live is the most amazing performer ever. Hit after hit after hit all while wearing a gold sparkly jumper? I’m sure he’s an alien.

Hopefully his alien family will come and take over the world soon…
E: 30 million Princes taking over the whole world? I’d like to live there.

Does the perfect song exist?
E: I think Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back In Town is perfect. So is John Cougar Mellencamp’s Jack & Diane, although that has some questionable lyrics in it…
D: “Suckin’ on chili dogs outside the Tastee Freez…”!
E: Yeah, but when that song, or Tom Petty’s American Girl comes on they give you that great nostalgic rush and you have to jump around!

What new albums have your ear right now?
The Kendrick Lamar album is so good – The Recipe is the new LA anthem, so thanks Kendrick! We love Azealia Banks and Jessie Ware too.

What five records would you fight your way to the decks to play at a drunken Christmas party?
D: Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Jackson 5’s I Want You Back.
A: The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York – that’s a serious party jam.
E: Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You and Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song. That’s such a gem…

Are you Spotify users?
E: There are times when you’re at a party and you need a song right then. That’s when Spotify’s great – it’s the world of music in your hands! It’s the best DJ tool – if the DJ isn’t playing the hits they’re right there on your phone.
D: It’s the most powerful tool in music right now. I love Spotify, it’s really easy to use and it has an amazing selection. I haven’t found a single thing that’s not on there. And that’s from the heart.
A: When Haim stop touring we’d like to come and work at Spotify. Earn some money.

What music could I play that would be guaranteed to start an argument on your tour-bus?
D: Kenny G. That would start a war.
E: I actually think Kenny G has swag. It takes a lot to get up there armed only with a sax.

Finally – crucially – what’s your favourite noise?
E: I love the sound of breaking glass.

Also a great tune…
E: I was trying to catch you out!
D: We have a fart machine on the tour bus, which we like to use a lot. My favourite sound is crystal glasses, like when you’re cheering someone. Maybe that just means I like to party.
A: When I’m in the van I love the sound of silence.

Is there ever any?
A: One can dream! One can write about it in her diary…

Vår intervju med Shout Out Louds

Förra veckan kom Adam Olenius och Ted Malmros från Shout Out Louds förbi vårt kontor för att demostrera hur deras nya singel “”Blue Ice”” låter i is!

Ni har ju precis släppt nya singeln “Blue Ice” – berätta, vad är det vi hör?
Adam: Vi hör första låten från vårt kommande album och den låten som vi tycker representerar skivan. Det är väldigt lugn och skivan är kanske lite mer upp tempo, men det är den låten som alla gillade bäst.
Ted: Jag vet inte om det var nödvändigt allas favorit, men det kändes som en kul låt att börja med. Sedan kommer de mer klassiksa singlarna som är mer upp tempo. Men det var kul att släppa en singel med mid tempo.
Adam: Den visade en annan sida…
Ted: Ja, en annan sida, lite mörkare och lite mognare kanske. Jag gillar det. Sen kommer vi nog släppa lite fler klassiska Shout Out Louds ( singlar, men det är ett kul första steg!

Det är ett annat sound än vad man hört tidigare, vad är det ni har tagit med er och vad har ni lämnat sedan förra skivan?
Ted: Alla inspelningar är en reaktion på förra plattan. På förra plattan ville vi skriva färdigt alla låtarna innan vi gick och spelade in.
Adam: Vi har egentligen inte tagit med oss någonting från förra skivan, som var mer klassiskt. Man skulle repa 8 timmar per dag innan vi åkte och spelade in. Denna gången hyrde vi en studio i nästan ett och ett halvt år. Vi ville att låtarna skulle växa där. Jag hade skrivit mycket som jag tog med mig in och när vi hade en månad ledigt här och var så skrev vi om och lade till. Blue Ice var från början en snabb låt, som vi spelade om då vi kände att den inte gav någonting.
Adam: Jag minns att du kom in I replokalen och sa att “det här låter för djävligt…”
Ted: haha, ja, jag kommer ihåg det men du sjöng fortfarande på gamla sättet, som du gjorde på andra plattan. Men när vi drog om den och la på stråkarna så föll det på plats. Den var lite av en liten grower också. Jag tror att varje skiva har en sån låt som man spelar in och känner “wow – nu är den färdig!”” då får den sedan sätta standard för resten. Detta var en av de första som satte ljudbilden. Alla låtarna på skivan har spelats in i andra tempon och olika versioner och sedan har man sökt sig fram.

Vad har ni tagit er inspiration ifrån?
Adam: Finns ingen direkt artist inspiration, men sedan så finns det såklart alltid sån där musik som finns när man växer upp och den nya musiken som kommer nu. Men jag lyssnar mycket på lekfull musik, som Ariel Pink (, jag gillar hur man spelar in och hur han jobbar med musik.
Ted: Jag tror att den här gången var inspirationen färg och lekfullhet.
Adam: Och ljuset var ledordet! Att man ska kännas som frälst av det. Låter det här ljust? Det ska kännas ljust och få det här glittret I varenda låt.
Ted: I början var vi lite blygare och frågade sig vad man hade för identitet. Man var lite försiktigare, nu känner vi att vi är redo att vara lite mer öppna, både musikaliskt och då var det kul med färg och ljust.
Adam: Vi har jobbat mycket med stråkar, tog in en stråkkvartett, flöjtar och horn och det skulle kännas nästan som Disney’s film Fantastia… ska kännas som drog disco, haha.
Ted: Vi har använt ganska mycket stråkar tidigare, men nu tog vi verkligen in allt!

Vad är ni mest nöjda med då?
Ted: Att inspelningen faktiskt gick så bra och att det gick att göra på det sättet som vi hade tänkt.
Adam: Att vi producerade den själva tillsamans med Johannes. Men annars är vi nog mest nöjda med just ljudbilden.
Ted: Att allt funkade enligt plan. Det är nog det som vi är mest nödja med. Sen är ju skivan grym förstås.

Vad har varit svårast?
Ted: Svårast är när man inte riktigt vet när man ska säga nej, man kan alltid göra om igen.
Adam: Nu hade vi ganska mycket tid och vi blev tvugna att sätta en dealine med vår manager, att denna dagen måste det vara klart, annars hade vi hållt på I eveigheter.
Ted: Hade vi inte haft hard press från honom och skivbolaget så hade vi nog fortsatt. Eftersom vi varit där I ett och ett halvt år och inte haft möjlighet att göra några gig eller något annat så har ju pengarna tagit slut, haha… så vi var ändå tvunget att bli klart.
Adam: När man vet att man har tre veckors paus tills nästa inspelning då kommer man lyssna på gamal musik eller komma på grejer, så det skrevs säkert fyra, fem låtar sista veckan i studion. Men de får komma till nästa skiva helt enkelt.

På tal om skivan, vad har vi att förvänta oss? När kommer skivan?
Ted: Den släpps I slutet av februari.
Adam; Ja, då kommer allt som vi berättat om haha…
Ted; det blev en ganska lång skiva som inte fick plats på en vinyl, vilket var ett problem. Man har mycket att förvänta sig tycker jag.

Hur ser resten av det här året ut? Var och när kommer vi kunna se er spela live?
Ted: Resten av det här året är mest förberedelser och repa, vi måste repa och bestämma vem som ska spela vad, haha… Men det kommer nog inte bli några liveframträdanden förrän i februari.
Adam: Vi kommer göra en turné I Sverige I början på april och sedan blir det Europa och USA.

Tack till Adam och Ted som hade möjlighet att komma förbi vårt kontor. I väntan på nya skivan så lyssnar vi på:

Thank You for the Music – ABBA The Museum

It’s official! Our partner ABBA The Museum will open its doors for the first time on the 7th May 2013.

A limited number of opening tickets are on now on release so buy your ticket today via SJ’s website:

ABBA The Museum will become the home of ABBA’s collected works, set to be showcased in a contemporary, musical and interactive exhibition that allows the audience to get closer than ever before to their favourite band. Read more about the Museum here.

To get in the mood, subscribe to the ABBA The Museum profile in Spotify and listen to the playlists.

Kom och titta, häng och handla julklappar med JAYS, Spotify och Telia och naturligtvis med Panetoz

Panetoz som med låten ”Dansa Pausa” fick en av årets största hits är nu tillbaka med minialbumet ”Le För Mig”. Idag, Onsdagen den 12 December mellan 16-18 besöker de Telias butik på Kungsgatan 36 i Stockholm med hiphop-hits, dans och kaos. Kom och titta, häng och handla julklappar med JAYS, Spotify och Telia och naturligtvis med Panetoz. Under dagen och bara i denna butik gäller 50% rabatt på utvalda lurar från JAYS om du köper abonnemang och telefon med Spotify och 25% rabatt på utvalda lurar från JAYS om du inte gör det. Välkomna

Nu kan du köpa Spotify hos Direkten, Time och Frendo

Från och med idag finns Spotify tillgängligt att köpa hos ATG ombud som är med kedjan Direkten butiker samt alla Time och Frendo butiker runt om i Sverige. Välj mellan Spotify Premium och Spotify Unlimited.

Spotify Premium går att köpa för 1, 3, 6 eller 12 månader och ger då tillgång till miljontals låtar både på din dator, mobil eller andra plattformar. Spotify Unlimited går att köpa för 3 månader och passar dig som främst lyssnar på musik på datorn. För mer information om vilket abonnemang som passar dig bäst, klicka här.

För närmaste butik klicka på Direkten, Time and Frendo.

Our Interview with Tulisa

2013 is my year of no more drama…”, Tulisa

Having walked up six flights of stairs to her management team’s swanky Central London offices, it’s hardly surprising to find some time N-Dubz chanteuse, full-time X Factor judge and solo starlet Tulisa laid out on a sofa. “Do you mind if I lay down for the interview?” she asks us, looking unsurprisingly shattered. “It’s not being filmed is it?” There are two gaping holes in the bottom of her tights. At one point a big toe makes an indiscrete appearance.

Tulisa has every right to need a bit of a lie down. In-between furiously prepping for Spotify’s grilling (ahem), she’s also been rehearsing for her maiden performance on The X Factor (this interview happened a couple of weeks before this weekend’s final) in support of her solo album, The Female Boss. With Dappy and Fazer currently pursuing solo projects, this is now Tulisa’s time to shine. First though, we need to find out how much she’s been missing Rylan Clark…

So, how has The X Factor been for you this year?
It’s funny because even though I’ve not been that successful with my acts, as a person, and my level of confidence, are a lot better than I was last year.

There was a lot of focus on you last year, wasn’t there?
Definitely. I think there still is [laughs]. Not in a big-headed way, but in the sense that I’m always being caned by the media.

What was it about Ella Henderson that the audience didn’t connect with?
I don’t think they didn’t connect with her, I just think she’s one of those acts that people assumed would get through. I think people assumed she was safe and she was one of those acts where people would wait until the final to pick up the phone. It was a case of having to get her to the final and unfortunately it was just one week where the votes slipped. It was on the week of her best performance as well.

Are you sad that Rylan’s gone?

People forget that pop’s meant to be fun sometimes don’t they?
Yeah. He was the fun part of pop. He’s fun-pop. Some people complain about it, but if he wasn’t on the show they wouldn’t have had that much fun watching it. That’s the truth, whether they watched it to love or hate.

What do you make of the state of pop in 2012?
I think it’s been altered so many times. You know when something just gets diluted again and again and again? I don’t really know what pop is anymore. It’s become a combination of pop, urban, old school and dance – there’s a little bit of everything now. I think ‘urban’ has come forward a lot more. It’s funny, what our idea of urban was how ever many years ago is now more commercial, but if we were to go over to America with what we call urban music they would look at us and go, “but this is cheese pop!” I remember going over to America with N-Dubz and they were like “what do you do?” and we said we were an urban British act and they’d hear our music and go [puts on American accent], “you’re not urban.”

R&B is going through quite a weird phase at the moment too, with a lot of R&B singer turning to Guetta-esque LOL-pop now.
Yeah. Dance is really the big thing at the moment isn’t it?

Would N-Dubz have ever auditioned for The X Factor if it had been around then?
No. Because we started off as a grime and garage act and that is always how we wanted to come into the industry and there’s no place for grime or garage on The X Factor. I think maybe if The X Factor was around in twenty years it might be possible, but the state of the industry as it is now there’s no way they’d accept it.

Do you think a rapper could win?
I think someone that sings and raps might have a chance.

You had quite a difficult childhood – did you ever seek solace in music?
All the time.

What kind of things did you listen to?
I listened to everything. I was very urban. I loved my old school R&B but at the same time I loved garage, I loved grime, I loved hip-hop, just pretty much everything urban. Up until the age of 11 it was all Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Eminem and then after 11 it just took a transition into everything urban.

Who were the strong female singers that you were attracted to?
I loved Aaliyah. I loved Lil’ Mo, vocally. I really loved this rapper called Ms Jade.

What Mary J Blige?
Oh yeah, I brought the No More Drama album.

That would have made a great Tulisa album title.
[Laughs] Good one! Yeah it would, you know. 2013 is my year of no more drama.

What was the first single you ever bought?
I didn’t ever buy singles, but I know my first album was Michael Jackson’s Bad.

What was the last album you brought?
These days I tend to download individual singles. I don’t really download albums anymore. The albums I buy are more likely to be old school ones that I haven’t heard for years. This is a bit random, but Lily Allen’s The Fear was like that as I saw the video on TV and I thought, “I remember this song, I can relate to this right now!”

What song would you put on to ‘get the party started’, as P!nk once said?
My motivational song is Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch up. That’s what gets me going.

Does the perfect song exist?
Yeah – and it’s the Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up! It’s my favourite song of all time. That and All Saint’s Pure Shores. Two random ones and yet funnily enough, two of them ended up married.

What’s your favourite musical note?
Oh God, I don’t have one!

You know people are always banging on about people being in the wrong key on The X Factor: do you have a favourite key?
Okay, so my key is… How could you put it? Right, if you had five keys, five being the highest and one being the lowest, I would probably be at four. That’s where I’m comfortable.

Can you go up to five?
I can go up to five but not in falsetto, in power voice. I don’t have much of a falsetto, but I have a full voice.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
I’ve always wanted to do a tune with the Prodigy because I’m such a massive fan.

If you could be any band for a week, which one would you chose?
Good question. I’ve never been asked that before, wow, you’re good. I’ve never, ever had that before, I love it when I get a good question.

Tulisa, tell me, are you being sarcastic?
No I’m not, I swear to God! I get really excited when someone asks me a new question. You’re making me think. Any band? Well, I’d like to be in Swedish House Mafia. Just to hang with them and do all the Ibiza parties.

Why do you think they’re giving it all up?
I guess it must get pretty crazy after a while. Well, even I know that [laughs]! I do it every summer and I have to have interludes and breaks.

If the Government imposed a law stating you could only own one album for the rest of your life, what would yours be?
That’s hard. You evil man! The thought of it makes me feel sick. It would have to be something old school. Let me think of my favourite albums… Well, Michael Jackson’s Bad is one of them. Destiny’s Child The Writing’s On The Wall. And Michael Jackson’s HIStory.

Maybe they’d let you have three, bearing in mind you’re a popstar?
Because I’m a musician I get Brownie points? So I would say Destiny’s Child The Writing’s On The Wall, Michael Jackson’s HIStory, because it’s got a bit of everything on it, then I’d say Ms Jade, Girl Interrupted.

The Top 100 Playlists of 2012 courtesy of

Our friends at ShareMyPlaylists have put together some awesome charts to wrap up the year – check it out!

Top 100 Playlists
These are the most popular playlists of the year. TV show soundtracks dominated with playlists that include music from HBO’s hit show, Girls, Made In Chelsea, Breaking Bad and Shameless all featuring in the chart, as well as music from the London Olympics opening ceremony.

Top 100 Tracks
These are the most playlisted tracks – i.e the tracks added most often to playlists throughout 2012. The most popular genre on the ShareMyPlaylist site is Dance and this is clearly reflected here with Skrillex featuring three times no less in the top 10!

Top 100 Artists
The artists featured the most across all the SMP playlists!

Top 100 Members
The most popular playlist curators on the site.

Just for fun
The award for best playlist title of the year goes to “Inspirational Jogging Playlist – Songs That Make Me Feel Like A Superhero When I’m Jogging”.

Did you know?
The average playlist on has 173 tracks
All in all, it would take 144 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 15 hours, 36 minutes to listen to all the playlists on the site!

Spotify just got louder. Here’s Metallica

With millions of fans the world over and nearly a dozen multi-platinum albums under their belt, Metallica are undoubtedly the most successful hard rock band in history.

We’re thrilled to announce that for the first time EVER, music spanning Metallica’s 30+ year career is now available to stream – only on Spotify.

We know. Incredible.

It’s yours to listen to right now.

So are you ready to rock? Listen to Metallica now!