Our Interview with Skye Edwards

“I was so shy I signed up to singing classes just to meet people!”, Skye Edwards

Skye joined Morcheeba almost by accident, yet the three-piece’s groove-heavy mix of trip-hop, dub, rock, jazz and pop enjoyed huge success in the 1990s. Skye left the band in 2003, but returned to the band in 2010. She has also released three solo albums, most recently, the all kinds of wonderful, Back To Now.

Hello Syke, tell us, what music was playing in the house when you were growing up?
My mum played a lot of vinyl, mainly country music. We heard a lot of Glenn Campbell and Slim Whitman and that song, Lay A Blanket on the Ground. My dad liked Roy Orbison and classic country and western too.

What was the first record you fell in love with?
Sade’s Stronger Than Pride. I bought that on cassette and played it over and over and over again. I first heard her on the radio and her voice just got me immediately. I’d put it on, put my headphones on and just soak it all up.

Who made you want to make music?
(Morcheeba multi-instrumentalist) Ross Godfrey! I never thought I could do anything like that really. I had sung some backing vocals in a funk band, but I was a real loner, in fact I’d signed up to a singing class just to meet people! I met (Morcheeba DJ) Paul and Ross at a party and they convinced me to start singing with them. And I took a lot of convincing! The first song we ever did together was Trigger Hippie, our first single. The booker from Jools Holland’s show was at our second gig. It all happened very fast.

What five records couldn’t you exist without?
John Martyn’s Solid Air, Shirley Bassey’s The Singles, Bob Marley’s Exodus, Sade’s Stronger Than Pride and Blue Nile’s Hats. All five of them are vocally and lyrically really strong and, apart from the Bassey, they all deal with the idea of an album as a whole piece.

Does the perfect song exist?
There are a few of them. I think Summertime is one – you can actually visualise that day as it plays.

Finally, what’s your favourite noise?
Oh, that’s easy. My kid’s laughter!