Our interview with Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children

Congratulations for the Stjernedryspris! How does it feel?
Thanks! It’s just amazing – and a tad overwhelming. I’m super proud and happy, that’s for sure.

Could you tell us a bit more about your sound? Where do you find the inspiration?
I think I find inspiration in all the big and small things of everyday life – just tiny events that happen around me. Also drinking huge loads of espresso helps. Yup. I like to just linger around or take a walk -I walk a lot actually- and then all of a sudden a song just pops up in my head, and I can’t stop singing and playing until it’s all done.

You released your debut album in April, what has happened since then?
We’ve pretty much been touring since then, in Europe and in Canada and the USA which was totally awesome, driving in a van through the desert looking at big cacti… so cool. We even played on top of the world, literally, in Thule Air Base right next to the North Pole! I did some collaboration as well, and now I’m preparing and recording the next album.

Greenland is a bit underrepresented on the music market, what have we missed in Scandinavia that we really should listen to? Could you give us some tips?
Wow, there’s a lot of cool music happening in Greenland right now – Angu, Small Time Giants, Nanook, Torluut, Simon Lynge – just to name a few. There’s a lot more going on, also underground, from hip hop to crazy metal (I personally love X-it).