Spotify Exclusive – An interview with the The Temper Trap

Hello Temper Trap, how the devil are you?
Lorenzo Sillitto: We’re very good, thank you! In the middle of a three-week press junket…
Dougy Mandagi: We’ve been doing press for the last three weeks and we’re off to Paris tonight.

So you’re due some time off before doing anything else?
Joseph Greer: No! Dougy flies to Cuba to finish a video tomorrow then on Monday we start rehearsing for the tour.

Which I see begins in the UK in Cornwall – is that a surfer thing?
LS: No, it’s just a place we’ve never been.
JG: And we hear there’s some great food down there…

Everyone likes food right?
DM: Oh, well we certainly do!

Your new album, The Temper Trap, was written straight after you came off touring the last one for two years. Can you write on the road?
LS: Only one song was, we actually write a lot better in the studio.
JG: We like to be uninterrupted! We can’t write in sound-checks or when we’re meant to be doing other things.
DM: Touring makes you a better musician as you soak up so many new experiences, but we like to be in the studio when we get to work on those experiences. Basically, we like to be surrounded by our gear.

The first two tracks we’ve heard have been quite different to each other. Rabbit Hole is kind of gentle, while Need Your Love is kind of not at all gentle.
JG: Ha! Well, Rabbit Hole is four years old. It didn’t make the last album, so in a way it’s the old us.
DM: While Need Your Love is definitely the new us.

Why did you release the single to Spotify first?
LS: It felt like great way to get people interested in us again. The single showcases both sides of who we are; it’s a gateway in for people.
JG: People often tell us about hearing our music on Spotify or in films or TV shows. It’s great that there are these new ways for people to hear our music.
DM: All bands need alternative ways to reach people now – it’s not just about selling records now so having our music in a film or on Spotify is a fresh way for people to discover us.

What should Temper Trap fans know about this second album?
LS: They should know we went in with a completely blank slate.
JG: All we really knew is that we wanted to write the best songs we possibly could.

Do you have your own individual favourite songs?
LS: For me it’s Leaving Heartbreak Hotel. Dougy builds up these amazing layered vocals and there are all these intertwining guitar parts. I also really like how it grows from this minimal electro start.
JG: I really like The Sea Is Calling. The lyrics really speak to me. It’s one of those songs that you can take your own thing from, but it could still have an impact on anyone.
DM: My choice is Dreams. It has a lot of different layers of harmonising and drones and monotony – it’s hypnotising. People associate monotony with things that are boring, but it’s a good thing! Dreams is kind of shoe-gazey and I was never a shoe-gazey sort of guy, but this really is!

As professional musicians, do you know what the greatest record ever made is?
LS: I would vote for George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. There’s just so much in there to enjoy.
JG: The one I love right now is Murder Ballads by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The songs and stories are so raw and cool; it’s a very affecting record.
DM: It’s got to be the first Strokes album. I played that for a year and a half when it first came out and I never once got bored of it. It’s an aural orgasm – an eargasm! – over and over again and the songs are short you never get a chance to get bored.

The sounds of May courtesy of

We present you the music selection that our friends from Sharemyplaylists have handpicked for this month.

Ultimate Pop Playlist

Pop. Bit of dirty word, that. But it shouldn’t be, as this playlist, “An ultimate pop playlist from the Guardian … a history of pop music in 50 key moments, as chosen by Guardian and Observer writers,” highlights. From Frank Sinatra, Al Martino and Lita Roza, to the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Cee Lo Green, via Prodigy, Kraftwerk and Sex Pistols, this is the most consummate pop playlist we’ve ever received. A must-hear by Guardian Music.

Decade of Get Physical

Get Physical, the Berlin-based dance label setup in 2002, is the focus of this playlist created by SMP user Steven Marshall. “Get Physical has a very distinctive sound,” he says, “combining elements of house, minimal techno, electro and disco. This mix has all the highlights from the last ten years from the very first record (Steve Rachmad – Strings of Life) to the latest release (Tim Green – Gum Stew).” And we can’t get enough of it.

NME’s 100 best songs of the 80’s

As you may already know, the good old NME is 60 this year! To mark the occasion, they’re celebrating with the best music from each decade of their lifetime. On this playlist, they count down the greatest tracks of the 1980s – Joy Division and New Order, the Smiths, Talking Heads, Eric B. & Rakim, the Stone Roses, Public Enemy, the Jam, Bowie and more. Check out more ace NME mixtapes here.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down, and I like to take a minute, just sit right there, listen to all of the music from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As well as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, this playlist features Michael Jackson, Sam & Dave, Tom Jones and more. Another brilliant creation by in-from SMP member Agent3613.

Loser: The Sub Pop Anthology

Next up, a playlist dedicated to Sub Pop, the Seattle based label founded by Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman, famed for signing such luminaries as Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney, and more recently Fleet Foxes, Foals, and The Postal Service. Check out these bands and more on this ace playlist. Well done, Robert Locke.

Deep Steamy Techie House

How could we resist a playlist with a description like this: “House. But only when it’s deep, steamy, loungy and techie. The type of stuff you get lost in. Berlin afterhour sh*t. Hypnotizing drums. Arousing synths. Inconceivable grooves.” Wow! You had us at “deep”. If this one from Reckon doesn’t get you revved up, check your pulse.

French Dance – Sacre Bleu!

This playlist by Lizarazu got a good reaction when we posted it on the SMP Facebook page this month. So, why not warmup your weekend with the best collection of Franco beats around – Daft Punk, Busy P, Justice, M83, Sebastien Tellier, the late DJ Mehdi and more. Sacré bleu indeed!

LL Cool J – The Samples

We’re not calling it comeback. We know he’s been here for years. And this playlist, by the on-form agent3613 is an incredible collection of the samples LL’s used throughout his career. Like this? Check out Beastie Boys – The Samples, 2Pac The Samples and Biggie – The Samples.

BBC Sessions

Next we have a collection sessions from the likes Cream, T. Rex, Hendrix, Bowie, Nirvana, PJ Harvey and Amy Winehouse, to name but a few. An amazing selection of classic live recordings from the BBC archives, put together by Robert Locke. A must-hear playlist.

Beastie Boys. MCA Tribute

We round things off with Kieron‘s fitting tribute to the great Adam Yauch – better known as the Beastie Boys’ MCA. Musician, songwriter, film director, humanitarian and environmentalist – MCA was many things. But we’ll always remember him as the legendary MC he was, and for the incredible legacy he’s left behind…

Sebastian Ingrosso och Alesso har förfest i Spotify

DJs Ingrosso and Alsesso throw first ever Spotify house party

… och alla är bjudna! Festen börjar den 1 juni klockan 20.00.

Två av världens största DJ:s, Sebastian Ingrosso från Swedish House Mafia och Alesso, bjuder in fans till en exklusiv förfest i Spotify.

I ett specialanpassat rum i Spotify-appen Soundrop kommer Ingrosso och Alesso att presentera sina favoritlåtar, bland annat hitlåten ”Calling (Lose My Mind)”. Fans kommer att kunna rösta och vara med och påverka vilka låtar som ska spelas samtidigt som Ingrosso och Alesso chattar direkt med dem i Soundrop-appen.

Eventet äger rum fredagen den 1:a juni klockan 20.00. Europeiska fans kan delta i Facebook eventet, där de kommer hållas uppdaterade med den allra senaste informationen om eventet.

Följ oss på Facebook.

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

I keep getting a lot of nice music tip in my Spotify inbox. Thank you so much for sharing your best findings with me!

We kick off a new week and a new playlist with Xylos. A synth-driven electro-pop quintet from Brooklyn, NY. “Summerlong,” is the first single off of their second LP, set to be released later this year.

We continue with Cheers Elephant, a rootsy, psychedelic pop rock quartet from Philadelphia. I really like their song “Leaves” from their latest album “Like Wind Blows Fire”. Next one out this week is an old favorite; Spanish singer-songwriter, Russian Red, with her catchy song “Cigarettes”. Rebekka Karijord is a Norwegian actress and artist and I chose to add her beautiful song “Wear It Like A Crown”.

Last one out this week is an American singer-songwriter, Eric Hutchinson, with his catchy song “Rock & Roll”.

If you have song suggestion for next week’s playlist, be sure to drop them in Mona’s Spotify Inbox.

Spotify App of the Day: Tastebuds

Your taste in music says a lot about you. At the very least, it’s a great way to spark a conversation with someone. Now it’s easier than ever to meet people with a similar taste in music thanks to the Tastebuds Spotify App.

How does it work?
The Tastebuds App is free inside Spotify. It’ll scan your most played music and instantly show people near you who have similar tastes. Once you’ve created your account, you can also remove any guilty pleasures by tweaking the bands that appear on your profile.

If you have an account with or Songkick, it’s even easier – just enter your username and your preferences will be imported.

Once you’re set up, you can browse matches, listen to your new friends’ favourite music and send them a message if they catch your eye.

Check out the Tastebuds App here!

Playlist-based radio, post to Tumblr and embeddable Play Buttons come to Spotify for Windows and Mac OS

We’ve added some new features to our Windows and Mac OS apps that we wanted to let everyone know about. Spotify Version 0.8.3 which starts rolling out today includes the following updates:

    Listen to radio stations based on a playlist or an album: Head over to any album or a playlist and click on Start Playlist Radio or Start Album Radio to listen to similar music using Spotify Radio.

    Instant Search: Hover over results in the search suggestion drop-down, or use the arrow keys to navigate between them, they’ll render automatically in the main view.

    Get Play Buttons codes directly from Spotify: Right click on any album, playlist or track and select “Copy Embed Code” to get embeddable HTML codes for you to easily post Spotify Play Buttons on your website or blog.

    New Sharing Options: When you select to share any music content from Spotify, now you will be able to post directly to your Tumblr, and get a shortened link for Twitter.

The update is rolling out now to all users. But if you can’t wait to get it, you can download the latest version of Spotify from our website.

Spotify App of the Day: Fellody


It’s great to find new friends who like the same music as you. Maybe flirt a little? Now, thanks to the new Fellody app, you can do that for free inside Spotify.

Get ready to flirt, date, chat, go to gigs – anything you like. Just drag and drop the playlists you want into Fellody. You’ll get to see a list of other Spotify users who match your music profile, age and location.

So if you’re looking for romance, or just some new friends with fantastic taste in music, check out Fellody now. Click here to find friends and flirt for free inside Spotify.

Check out Labrinth’s exclusive playlist

Hello Labrinth – where are you right now and what are you doing?
I’m in a really nice studio filming! I know this place, actually, as I recorded the strings for my own album in here. There’s a piano in the corner I’ve played a few times – I’ve got great memories of this place.

And now you’ve got the memory of being the first person to try the Spotify app there too…
Ha! Yeah – it’s good to be first. The fact I’m the first one using it feels great – like I’m stood in front of everyone with my finger on my nose going, “Yeahhhhh!”

How is it working for you?
It’s been great. I love it actually. I know that’s what you’ll expect me to say, but it’s true! I really love the app, it’s like the sort of brilliant upgrade that I know I’ve been waiting for. It’s very sleek, a big jump on from the iPhone or iPod version and it’s all so accessible that it feels just like rooting through my own collection at home. All us idiots need things making simple for us, and this does that.

What music have you discovered through Spotify?
Oh man, loads. I found my boy Michael Kiwanuka there. I knew him from before, he used to play on a lot of sessions and my brother has played with him quite a bit, but I didn’t know he had all this other stuff until i saw it on Spotify. Little Dragon are another one, I love their stuff. Recently I’ve been checking Subtrkt too. I’m always looking out for great artists and DJs and I think Spotify is a really healthy way of finding new music.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?
Probably just staying at home and watching TV – except I never do just stay at home and watch TV. Definitely the best thing recently was being on tour in Europe with Drake. That was really good and a fantastic introduction to Europe. I’ve just put up a new track called Express Yourself on You Tube that’s something to relax to. The video is going to be amazing too. I filmed it in Paris and it has this dog in it…

What’s next for Labrinth?
There are millions and millions of things next for Labrinth. I make music like cockroaches make babies, so you know there’ll always be loads of new Labrinth music on Spotify!

Easy final question…

What’s the greatest record ever made?
Oh man, what a question. Well, I think it would have to be between Curtis Mayfield and Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall… I’m going to go for Off The Wall because it’s just so brilliantly made. The development of Michael as an artist from his days in the Jackson 5 to becoming a solo star are just mind-bending. Quincy Jones is an extraordinary producer, his orchestral arrangements are phenomenal. Quincy was the one who created the space for Michael to grow in. What an amazing record…

Thank you, Labrinth.
No, thank you.

Vinn en träff med Joel Alme

Joel Alme är äntligen tillbaka med sitt tredje album “A Tender Trap” som hyllats från alla håll och kanter! Nu har DU och en vän chansen att vinna konsertbiljetter och en träff med Joel Alme på hans konsert i Stockholm (Debaser Medis) 25 maj! Som om inte detta vore nog, kommer du även vinna en signerad vinyl av “A Tender Trap”!

Svara på frågan: Vad heter Joel Almes debutskiva? samt skicka en motivering varför just du ska vinna tävlingen till

Åldersgräns på tävlingen är 20 år och 18 maj kl. 15.00 måste vi senast ha ditt svar! Vinnaren meddelas via mail.

Lyssna på nya skivan här:

Pre-release of Gossip’s latest album available for Spotify Premium subscribers

On May 14th Gossip, fronted by Beth Ditto, will release their fifth studio album, ”A Joyful Noise”. But Spotify Premium subscribers get the chance to listen to it before anyone else.

Gossip was founded 1999 in Olympia, Washington by members Beth Ditto, Nathan Howdeshell and Hannah Billie. Gossip had their big breakthrough with the album ”Standing In The Way of Control”. The band’s previous album ”Music For Men”, was a hit as well.

Are you a Premium subscriber? Enjoy!