Wiz Khalifa’s debut

Pittsburgh-based Hip-Hop sensation Wiz Khalifa, MTV’s Hottest MC Breakthrough of 2010, has released his anticipated debut album, “Rolling Papers”. The hard working Wiz became a famous name locally when he released his very popular mixtapes. The latest mixtape “Kush & Orange Juice” won MTV’s award for “Mixtape Of The Year” with a huge spread on the internet to follow. Last year Wiz Khalifa hit it big worldwide with his single “Black and Yellow” which he wrote for his favorite football team the Pittsburgh Steelers in line with 2010’s Superbowl.


  1. I guess you have to do something more than just listen to his music to enter the competition?

  2. When I’m Gone will NAHT play for me! It is so annoying. Favourite song from the cd. I am a premium subscriber. FEELIN’ GYPPED. Please fix it, sweet Spotify. Yer killing me. 😥