Nöjesbladet presenterar “Schlagerbarometern” i samarbete med Spotify och Telia

Denna vecka kommer Aftonbladet/Nöjesbladet att presentera statistik från Spotify över finalisterna i Melodifestivalen 2011. Fler än två miljoner svenskar använder idag Spotify och nu kan vi se hur spelningarna på finalisterna ser ut dag för dag under finalveckan.

Följ utvecklingen på Aftonbladet. Lyssna på finalisterna direkt I Spotify och påverka resultatet: Melodifestivalen 2011


  1. My sister, who is eight years old, brought an Melodifestivalen-CD for around 150 SEK. I asked her why, because 150 SEK is very much money for a so young girl, and she said it was easier to do that than making an playlist.
    I think it fairly much of money since she has acess to an Spotify account and could listen to it from there. From her side, it may also be fun to have a physical CD.

    Do you believe the user interface could be hard for children to manage?

  2. Would you consider doing so clicking the user name on the comments will open the user’s profile on Spotify?

  3. Linking to the user profile is pretty good idea, I’ll mention it to our web developers. Thanks!

  4. How come you only have the finalists on the list?! I want to see all the available contestants even those who has been eliminated. I believe Loreen is number 1 on the largest online music store…… Maybe she is the most popular on spotify aswell…?