Touch to Shazam. Play on Spotify!

Great news, Spotify is now available for Shazam’s premium Apps on iPhone, iPod touch – including (SHAZAM)RED – and Android. Just tap the new “Play in Spotify” feature to go direct from Shazam to our Spotify Mobile app where you can immediately listen to the full track and explore more music from the tagged artist.

It’s now even easier to get instant satisfaction for those times when you want to know the track that is playing and then learn more about the artist. Just touch to Shazam and then play in Spotify. Click here for more information on downloading Shazam for your phone.

The same feature will be included on Shazam’s free App soon – so watch this space and we’ll keep you posted.


  1. Finally, good work guys. However I downloaded Shazam Encore from the Estonian Appstore and I don’t find the feature. Is it only available in the Shazam versions for Sweden, etc where spotify is officially available?

  2. if you have shazams premium app do you still have to pay 9.99 a month to spotify ?

  3. The comple irony is that I have used Shazam for a year on my Desire, never had any problems. BUT – the fantastic Shazam ENCORE pay version you have to buy to have the Shazam-Spotify link, does NOT work. It hangs A lot, and on several occations have locked my complete phone.

    It goes like this: Try to Shazam a tune, mabe it finds it. Try once more, when it’s done “listening” the circle is complete and it still says “Listening”, and the whole app hangs. After a couple of minutes I kill it. I I then try to have it recognize a tune again it just pops up an error the same moment that you hit the large “Shazam button”.

    After complete reboot it works again. The FREE version still works as a charm…

    Go figure… I was lucky enough to find it out within the extremely short new “refund” time window.

  4. I have Spotify Premium on my iPhone and I bought the €4.99 Shazam Encore but I don’t see the “Play in Spotify” button anywhere on my tagged songs. I even tried to reinstall the Shazam app. Does anyone have a screen-shot with this button on their screen? I can’t seem to find any screenshots of this in the Shazam app!

    I even tried to use Shazam to tag a song that was playing in Spotify on my PC and I still don’t get the button!!!!

    What a waste of €4.99!

    (I’m in the Netherlands – this option should be available there too).

  5. It’s a shame that despite paying for unlimited with spotify, I still have to revert to rival apps to stream from my iphone (even at home on wifi) As the competition quickly catch up you will need to rethink this one!!

  6. Have just fixed Shazam, and sadly dose´t the link work… 😦

    I hope that this is som tempoerey bug… spotifys opens and and go to search with text track:”name” artist:”name” When i remove ” the search works…

  7. It does not work for me here in Denmark – is that because I may have a Danish version of Shazam or what is the deal?

  8. I have a problem.
    i’m a premium user and have shazam encore, but when i tag a song and touch the play in spotify button it opens the spotify webpage and not the app?!
    what do i wrong?

  9. When I press “play in spotify” I only get to the page “spotify premium for 7-day pass” but im a premium user. What should I do?

  10. I bought shazam only for using it with spotify, but it does not work!
    Fromshazam support, I was told that it is not available in my country even though I have a spotify premium account -.-