Artists to watch in 2011 playlists

2011 is shaping up to be another great year in music with a number of big acts returning with new albums and new and emerging artists breaking onto the scene. To kick off the year we’ve compiled a few playlists highlighting some of the music you can expect to hear in the coming months.



  1. Major labels whats up?

    For a clue of what will be played at the hotspots in 2011, what tunes, wibe, will inspire the worlds most desired target group, it might be a good idea to subscibe to this one. 1H of music, themed differently every week. In other words; new list every week!

    Lot’s of new stuff (if Ican find it in Spotify), but also lots of old stuff, hidden gems floating around. Have a great great year music lovers! //vanBruggen, ImageMakersUnlimited

  2. The major labels’s suggestions are terrible. Same for the suggestions by the other users, except for Topsify.

  3. Could Spotify please do a weekly list of all new UK single releases as they become available on Spotify? – Commercial radio only selects a tiny portion of the new music now being released for airplay and increasingly waits for songs to peak in the Top 40 first. The BBC also picks and chooses. Let us decide what is good and what isn’t! 🙂

  4. Hi, can anyone tell me how can I save these playlists in Spotify once I click on them, like I can play them but I want to permanently save them on my playlists menu. So far I had to create a new playlist, then write the name and then copy the songs by drag and drop, is there an easier way? thanks!

  5. @jdsupersonic – click the “Subscribe” button at the top of the playlist and it will be added to your menu.

  6. @andres Why not consider to rename the “subscribe” feature to “favorite” or just “add” so we can make sure people understand it. If users can’t figurate out a such trivial thing, there is something bad at the concept design.

  7. Why aren’t the Kill Van Kulls on any of those lists? I think they’re with Universal – supporting the Naked and Famous at the moment. I heard them on Radio 1 last Thursday and they were really good.

  8. is it ever possible to listen to stuff without the hideous advertizing i tried to play something an it said it will play after the commercial !!!! and this is spotifys way of delivering the music to wherever you may be I`m gonna uninstall this thing. yes it gives you access to music but its mainly a tool for pumping shite into your life. one big marketing ploy.

  9. I heard a band called The Sick-Leaves will be releasing a new digital EP with 7 new tracks, including a possible cover of Crying by Roy Orbison! Fantastic band to listen out for in 2011.