Idol 2010 – Listen to Jay Smith’s winning single on Spotify

After a chaotic final week and with the support of the Idol voters all over the country Jay Smith won Friday’s Swedish Idol 2010 finale. His rockier version of the winning song “Dreaming People” (written by Christian Waltz & Sharon Vaughn) did the trick. If you wanna check out more of Jay and the other Idol’s music, check out our Idol 2010 Playlist containing 2 tracks from all of the Idol finalists + the charity single “All I Need Is You” and of course Jay’s epic winning ballad.

Do you already miss the Idols? Don’t worry – for the first time the official Idol Tour has reached Sweden and starting in January all of the finalists will tour around the country. In a 2-hour live show the Idols will be perform their songs from the show plus exciting new material. For more info on the tour, direct your browser to

If you are a Spotify Premium user you can compete and win tickets for the shows Örebro , Linköping, Gävle, Örnsköldsvik and Lund. Click here to take part in the competition. Good luck!