Obsessed with sound? Win some amazing Philips prizes.

Our friends at Philips have always been obsessed with sound, which fits nicely with our feeling that everyone loves music. To celebrate their obsession they’ve put together an excellent set of videos featuring some of the top names in the audio profession discussing their own obsessions with sound.

As a gift to our users Philips have provided a great selection of prizes that you can win. They’re giving away a MCi900 SoundSphere, a Fidelio Primo (pictured here) or a GoGear Muse to three lucky users.

To enter, simply watch the videos and let us know in a comment here on the blog which video is your favourite and why and you could win one of these great sounding prizes. If you have a preference out of the prizes let us know as well!


  1. I love the first video with Geoff Foster! I like the way the video is made and since I’m a big fan of the new batman movies it was interesting to get a little inside how such great music is made ๐Ÿ™‚


    PS: I’d prefer to win the MCi900 (or Fidelio Primo)

  2. I liked the video about U2’s producer, Steve, beacuse he seems like a true perfectionist to sounds in music, open to try anything (at least once).

    I’d like to win a GoGear Muse for enjoying music and video while on the go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I loved the video about the U2 producer Steve. His enthusiasm and the perfection he seeks is very inspiring, spending months on just a couple of minutes. It must feel like it’s so close you can almost touch it, but just out of reach. The satisfaction when you’re done must be massive.

    Any product will be great in my home.

  4. I like the Geoff’s video since I’m engineer myself too ๐Ÿ˜€ His work seems really interseting for me.
    I like MCi900 SoundSphere too.

  5. I like the film about Steve because it brings out Steves early passion for music and show that he didnt need super expensive equitment to make good music. Instead he tried to be creative and just haveing fun… because thats what making music is about, having fun.

    If I somehow win.. A MCi900 would be nice in my dorm room.

  6. My favourite was definitely “Capturing the sounds of Gotham City” since I’m pretty much the biggest fan of soundtracks and film music in the world. And I’m talking real, composed music on big stages with big orchestras, not just regular music that’s been featured in movies! My favourite Spotify playlist is my very own “Soundtracks”-playlist with 100+ of the greatest soundtracks according to me, and man does it sound great in my car! My biggest setback though, is that whenever I get back home I’m stuck with my iphone-speakers and every soundtrack-lover knows film music is experienced best with deep bass and high volume, way higher than my iphone’s capable of anyway!
    So yeah, that Fidelio Primo seriously looks like a dream!
    Merry Christmas!
    Cheers, m!
    PS. #1 on my christmas wishlist is another year of Spotify Premium!

  7. All the three video are cool.
    The more I liked was the Geoff Foster’s Story. I was amazed by the precision and the detail that he put in recording music. Also was interesting to know how the did the Batman effects sounds so great. During the watching for the first time of the movie at once I noticed the quality of those sounds.

    Geoff also link the precision (material) side with the immaterial skills of the human being side when he tells about Mark Knopfler, when he says that there is something uniquily human that makes the music that whe hear work!

    I wish to win a MCi900 SoundSphere OR Fidelio Primo. Thank you

  8. I’d have to say I loved Benjamin Herman’s video. I liked it since I’m a big jazz fan and the whole “feel” in the video was great.

    I’d love to win a soundsphere. Mostly because my music system here in my student apartment isn’t that good and I can’t afford to buy a better one. So a new soundsystem would be a lovely christmas gift from Spotify!

  9. I really liked the video with Steve Lillywhite. Very interesting to hear him describe the evolution of working with sound and how everyday sounds in the end can be of importance for one of my favourite bands.

  10. The one with Steve was inspiring! I love U2 so that was a plus ๐Ÿ™‚
    All of the videos were very well made!

    I’d prefer getting either the MCi900 SoundSphere or the Fidelio Primo, since I already have a creative music player while my sound system at home is from the 80’s or something ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I loved Steves video. It was nice to see how they “made” music back in the day when they didn’t have any fancy computer programs so they took what they had, in this case the bicycle and a bottle. I also liked how Steve seemed kinda cocky and I believe that’s something you need to be sometimes when working with rockstars, to be able to take them back down to the ground.

    I would love to get the MCi900 SoundSphere.

  12. This sounds like a winner.
    Geoff Foster, the chief engineer & score recordist,
    he was my favorit just becuse he feels and sounds like
    he is obsessed with sound.

    I, like Spotify is obsessed with music.
    If I win would prefer the Fidelio Primo.

    Good luck everbody!

  13. I am realy amazed and inspired by how Steve works. He have used his imagination and inspiration to be one of the worlds top sound producers. He shows you that you dont need to have equipment worth milions to come up with great stuff. You just need to know what you want to do or dream of, and you can do it.

    I would realy like to win the Fidelio Primo! It would be wonderful to enjoy 100 W of perfection.

    ROCK ON!

  14. I’d liked the one with Steve Lillywhite best. Well spoken, well produced with a clear message. Great soundtrack!

    I would really like to win the Fidelio Primo to spice up the music in my kitchen. Cooking and listening to good music is the best!

  15. Geoff’s Story was the most captivating to me. He seems very passionate, and the soundscape in video was as involving as in the new Batman movies. Also, I find movie sound and music to be the last line of engaging audio today. With the sad state of most modern music, where dynamic range compression has led music sounding flat, brittle and un-engaging, movie soundtracks are turning in the opposite direction. With set standards of Dynamic Range Compression, the engineers can expect what the sound will be like, ranging from full cinemas to headphones. If only the Music World could unite with set levels of mastering, standards on Range Compression and ending the embarassing “Loudness Wars”, there would not have to be a clash between people listening on the go, or do dedicated Hifi listening.

    All in all, I found the production values in all the movies to be very high, and all their stories were interesting.

    Be my rant a winner, I’d be most interested in the SoundSphere thingy (which could sure do with some Spotify lovin’).

  16. I really liked the “Geoff’s story”.

    Firstly, I liked the music in background. Additionally I love movies sound tracks, the featured batman one seems to be really good. And probably the most important, the way he recorded/created the surrounding sound picture – fantastic. I had no idea that it is so complicated.

    For me it would be Fidelio Primo.


  17. I liked Benjamin’s video, because I am very fond of the saxophone, and besides that, I really like the way he was talking about the sound of the music, and the experimental part of finding, and recording, “new” sounds to interfoliate with the music.

    And I’m very interested in the MCi900 SoundSphere! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I Like the one with Benjamin, becouse he talks about getting the right sound and how the sound can be so different coming from a speaker.

    and i think thats is what phillips is all about,

    *Good product, amazing Sound!

    i would like to have MCi900 SoundSphere just to piss of my best friend that calls me almost everyday and just plays music from his soundsystem and braging..

    just ones i would like to turn on my new MCi900 SoundSphere and say : “in you face, you son of a B*TCH..:)

    take care// Chris

  19. Geoffโ€™s story really impressed me, even though all of the videos were fascinating. It just happens to be amazing how much little things there are to consider when producing music, quality music, to movies. But that effort Geoff does is easy to hear when Iโ€™m watching Batman. Great music makes movies very intense (try watching Batman on mute).

    If I happen to win Fidelio Primo would be just what I need ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. I really like Geoff way of feeling and describing sound. And I also like one of his qoute ‘I dont think i can make a bad band sound good, but I think on a good day I can make a good band sound great’. Making something good better, making a good music sounds great.
    Thats why I would like MCi900 SoundSphere ๐Ÿ™‚