Spotify sponsors the Swedish National Programming Championships

We’re suckers for a good programming competition here at Spotify so we were really happy to be a sponsor of the Swedish National Programming Championships which took place this past weekend. The contest was held at five of the best technical universities across Sweden and was part of the larger Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest which is held in 15 cities across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

Some of the best and the brightest students and professional programmers take part and we were excited to see one of our own developers take home the top prize. In fact Erik’s team, Lag Bernhardsson, has won the competition an astounding five times which is quite an achievement.

Congrats to everyone who took part and hopefully this sets up a good run at the North Western European Regional Contest (NWERC) in November in Germany.

Spotify v0.4.8 updates sharing and introduces inbox messaging

We’re rolling out an update that adds two of our most frequently requested features to Spotify. First up is Inbox Messaging – now when you send a track to a friend’s Inbox you can add a short message to let them know what inspired you to send them the track.

Also added is a much improved sharing function to send tracks to Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live and your Spotify friends. Simply right-click any track, album or playlist and select “Share To…” to open the new sharing box. If you’ve connected Spotify with Facebook you no longer need to open a browser to share tracks.

We’ve also redesigned search history and moved them up into the search bar. To drop down a list of your most recent searches click the magnifying glass icon in the search bar.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

Spotify debuts on Windows Phone

We’ve been steadily working to add more devices to Spotify Mobile and we have an excellent addition to the family to let you know about. Earlier today our CEO Daniel took part in an event at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology along with Steve Ballmer of Microsoft to announce that Spotify is now available for Windows phones 6.x!

Over the past few months we’ve been working with Microsoft to develop the Spotify app for Windows Phone and we’ve put together a demo video for you highlighting some of the great features, have a look.

The full list of features for Windows Phone includes:
· Search, browse and play millions of tracks
· Stream over WiFi or 2.5/3G – All your existing playlists are available
· Offline playlists – Play your music without an internet connection
· On-the-fly sync – Every track you add to a playlist appears on mobile and computer
· What’s New tab
· Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone
· Starred tracks – tag all your favourites into a special list

Windows Phone users can download the new app directly by visiting, and it will also be available for download on Windows Marketplace for mobile shortly.

And one last thing – we’re also very excited to announce that Spotify will be available on the upcoming Windows Phone 7, which from what we’ve seen is going to be just fantastic.

Spotify Premium exclusive pre-listening – Hoffmaestro’s Skank-a-tronic Punkadelica

One of the most popular and most booked Swedish bands Hoffmaestro has finally delivered their new album Skank-a-tronic Punkadelica! The release of Skank-a-tronic Punkadelica is set to 6th of October but starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden can listen exclusively to the new album.

Pre-listen to your new party favourites this weekend with the album and to find out more news or order the it visit their homepage or join Hoffmaestro on Facebook ! “Gänget let’s party” !!