John Lennon on Spotify

John Lennon would have been 70 years old this past Saturday. While he’s no longer here in person his music lives on and we are excited to have his remastered solo albums available for the first time on Spotify as of today.

Classic releases such as Double Fantasy Stripped Down, Milk And Honey, Plastic Ono Band and Sometime In New York City have all be remastered and reissued in honour of his anniversary.



  1. Fantastic, this is great news!

    Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that the albums “Mind games”, “Imagine” and “Walls and Bridges” are under the “Appears on” section. Why is that?
    There are other three weird albums under the main section which should not be there. Maybe there’s a mistake there?

    Anyways, thanks for the addition!

  2. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this anxiously since I started using Spotify! Thanks, Spotify Team!

  3. Well, finally… I’ve had only one collection in digi (the whole solo production is of course on vinyls) while been waiting properly digitized and mastered versions. That box is a must – and Spotify is a great place to get accustomed to it.

  4. Cool!

    And it’s good to see that he’s released so many albums in 2010. Can’t wait until his older albums are added to Spotify 😛

  5. Nice, I don’t care about John Lennon but it’s cool to see so many users satisfied with this update. Sadly, as it seems it’s a long way to go until I’m seeing my favorite group available in spotify. 😦

  6. Yes, this is great news. I also hope The Beatles and Pink Floyd would appear here in Spotify. With 8M+ great tracks to choose from so easily I don’t really bother to go back to the old collection of vinyls and CDs anymore when there is such a vast collection of other music available.

  7. Why are the John Lennon albums no longer available on Spotify? Miss him.. 😦

  8. Gone… I guess you were not as “excited to have his remastered solo albums available” as you claimed.

  9. Is there someone at the Spotify company that is willing to answer to why the songs has been removed…It is really not good marketing sneaking with these kind of things…

  10. not fair! i’ve been loving the Lennon albums! i understand if you have to eventually take these iconic artists away from the service, but no announcement? This is the one thing i really dislike about the service, you never know how long *your* music is going to stay on there. I know it’s not Spotify’s fault (well, that’s what i hope!) but it would be nice to know what artists are being added/taken down etc, on a weekly/monthly basis!