Let Spotify Premium lighten up your fall

This month Spotify Premium users have the chance to take home 2 sets of tickets to go see Disturbed or Pernilla Andersson live.

Disturbed will frontline this falls biggest rock event “Taste Of Chaos” at Hovet on the 17th of November. Don’t miss out on your chance to win tickets to go see the band perform together with Papa Roach, Halestorm and Buckcherry among others, enter on the contest page.

If you’re more into the singer/songwriter scene Pernilla Andersson is the artists for you. Her critically acclaimed album “Ö” was released last week and as she gets ready to start her Sweden tour we have some great tickets for you. Participate for a chance to win and see her perform at Nalen in Stockholm on the 1st of October. Curious about what music Pernilla listens to? Check out her own playlist here: PlayLST.me – By Pernilla Andersson

Volbeat’s new album and tickets to see them live

Volbeat are happy to release their new album Beyond Hell / Above Heaven, which is their most random album to date. The album is featuring Barney from Napalm Death, Mille from Kreator and Michael Denner from Mercyfull Fate/King Diamond, so you’re in for an old school treatment.

Lyrically they have two songs finishing the Guitar Gangster story from the last album along with some personal songs and some for Volbeat classic tragic lovesongs.

If you are wondering what Beyond Hell / Above Heaven sounds like. Let’s put it very simple: It sounds like VOLBEAT !

If you want to hear some of the bands favourite songs they’ve made a playlist for you.

Sign up to participate in the contest to win tickets to one of five shows in Sweden by creating your own Volbeat playlist.