Linkin Park, Travie McCoy or Plan B – your pick

Are you having a hard time finding your way back to reality after the summer? Maybe even suffering from a tough case of the “after vacation blahs”? Say no more, Spotify Premium has the answer. This fall offers some great opportunities for you and a friend to go see several truly awesome artists and bands across Europe.

How does Linkin Park live in Berlin sound? The LA band just released their first single “The Catalyst” off their upcoming September album release “10 Thousand Suns” and will be touring the world promoting it. We guarantee you will be surprised when you listen to this album, which definitely marks a new beginning for the world-famous rock band.

Not that in to rock? No worries, Spotify has plenty of other opportunities. If you by some off chance managed to miss Travie McCoy’s huge summer hit ”Billionaire” here is your chance to redeem yourself. Go see (and meet!) Travie and Bruno Mars as they take the stage in Stockholm this fall.

Looking for something new and edgy? Don’t miss Plan B as he rocks Berlin. Think Marvin Gaye meets The Streets. Imagine a brilliant musical combination of Motown soul, British rap and pop-hooks that stick so well that you’ll be singing the chorus by the end of each song. This is Plan B!


  1. it would be the best feeling ever to succeed in this competition,infact it would be the fan-tan-dizzle!

  2. Linkin Park would be the greatest of them all, and a big memory for life 🙂

  3. Linkin Park would be so much fun! And a break to Berlin wouldn’t be terrible either 🙂

  4. I’d love to see Linkin Park live in Berlin.

    As someone else said above, they’ve saved my life.

  5. Linkin Park in Berlin would be awesome! The voices in my head tells me to go to Berlin and drink beer anyways so this is meant to be.

  6. Berlin, Linkin Park, camera and an awesome friend equals an unforgetable experience xD<3 Linkin Park is just soooo freaking AMAZING!!! Love’em!<3

  7. I would love to see Linkin Park live. They have meant a great deal to me through almost my whole life. =)

  8. Linkin Park is one of the best bands in the world! I hate that they don’t come to Sweden, but I’m going to see them in Denmark so it’s okay. (:

  9. Linkin Park definetly! I have been listening to Linkin Park since i was a kid and when they released their first album Hybrid Theory. I always wanted to see them live but i couldn’t see them live here in Stockholm last year.. or maybe it was in 2008, cause i wasn’t in Sweden. So i would love to go to Berlin and watch these guys live!

  10. I alwayes wandet to see them live i want to know how it feels like to see them live i want to be able to disicde if live or i better