Spotify extension for Chrome

We wanted to let everyone know about this neat Spotify Chrome extension that allows users to search and find music in Spotify directly from their browser.

Use your mouse to highlight the text with the name of an artist or group in your current web page. Click on the extension’s icon to listen to their music on Spotify.

A fun way to quickly start up music you’re reading about while surfing the web.


  1. That is very neat. Only option I’d like added is for it to automatically load Spotify and start playing rather than having to click on the Play button on the web-page that opens.

  2. yeah cool.
    now what about adding one of the most useful things for a music player : an equalizer ?
    don’t be fooled, i like all those novelties but i miss an eq from the very start and seeing all those things made around the main app make me wonder if it’ll come anyday soon -or never- so i’m a bit disappointed.

  3. Hello Spotify-staff…

    it seems like track 4 and 5 have switched?
    At least is it very wrong for me…

    Just wanted to notify you on this matter.

    Regards Kapsyl

  4. In the selection search extension for Chrome,how do you add Spotify search?What is the text?Because Spotify is not a search engine.

  5. I think the extention is pretty poor… It’s not that hard to ctrl+c…ctrl + v. But with a spotify remote that includes the songname and forward, pause buttons etc. would be awsome!

  6. The good thing about this is that the results list shows the original release date of the track, which is frustratingly absent from main Spotify application track listings.

    Can anyone find a way to tell Spotify to show the original release date against their track listings?
    This ought to be a sortable field