New Kent album and SingStar giveaway

Scandinavia’s biggest rock band surprised everyone when they announced they would be releasing their ninth studio album, En Plats I Solen, only eight months after their last album, Röd.

En Plats I Solen was written in early spring and recorded in Psykbunkern / Park Studio in Stockholm and was produced by Kent and Stefan Boman.

Earlier this year Kent also released their very own SingStar game for Playstation 3, becoming the first Swedish band to do so.

To celebrate the release of En Plats I Solen we are giving Spotify Premium users the chance to get their hands on a Playstation 3 console with Kent Singstar and 2 wireless microphones. To enter the contest leave a comment with a playlist of your favorite Kent songs and a short explanation why you should be our lucky winner.


  1. I’ll probably say that my favorite song is Kärleken Väntar. I’m a bigger fan of what the band has done since Vapen and Amunnition, rather then what they did before that.

    And I would like to be the lucky winner since I play many games, and combining that with Singstar Kent would be awesome! And I think my friends would appreciate it too!

  2. Oops, reading the instructions totally wrong is a great idea it seems!

    And I would like to be the lucky winner since I play many games, and combining that with Singstar Kent would be awesome! And I think my friends would appreciate it too! Great thing to do during the summer months.

  3. Sweet! Here is my playlist with my Kent favs:

    Why should I win?

    Simply because I’ve been a dedicated fan since “Verkligen” and love games and KARAOKE afterparties. Can’t wait to grab the mike and sing my heart out.

  4. I don’t particularly care for Kent, save for this song spotify:user:nikanj:playlist:7b0tN6ViFRseGewV2hdnEj

    And I should win, because I’m a Finn and you totally owe us one after we let you win in the 2003 world ice hockey championships.

  5. And I should win because I am getting more and more in love with the band that came to me in 2002 for real. To be able to sing along with the songs on Singstar with a brand new Playstation 3 would be a dream.

  6. Ända sedan debuten så var jag såld på Kent. Verkligen-plattan och sommaren 96 med spelningarna på Röda Kvarn i Örebro, Hultsfred och Dalarock är minnen för livet. Isola, Hagnesta, och V&A tillhör också favoriterna, men tyvärr så tappade jag bort dem en aning vid Du & jag döden men försöker alltid kolla in vad som händer med mina gamla hjältar.. känns det som att min väntan över. Med “En plats i solen” så har i allafall jag hittat tillbaka. “Respekt, Ärlighet, Kärlek”, “Gamla Ullevi”, “Ismael” och den fantastiska avslutningen “Passagerare” med Rebecca Törnquist är %€#&! magi. (För att vara lite nördig så vill jag även passa på att tillägga att skivans ljudbild är många resor bättre än till exempel Du och jag döden..)

    Min playlist med mina favoriter:

    Jag borde vinna en PS3:a med Kentarnas tillbehör för att fira att vi är på samma bana igen! Även om jag inte vinner så är jag sjukt glad över just det. Tack för det!

  7. I have always loved Kent, have all their albums and even some singles.

    And I should win because it would complete my kent collection with something I would otherwise not be able to get my hands on (I dont own a Playstation 3)

  8. I should win this! My girlfriend lives 250kms from here and if i win, this:
    1. would give me something to do when she’s not here 😦
    2. might make her come here more often 😀 (250kms is nothing for singstar)

  9. Hi Guys, thanks for putting the new album up so quickly. These are my favorite Kent-songs of all times.

    If i would be the lucky winner i would be so happy, i would love having a Playstation 3 and it would be unreal to also win a Singstar Kent game. Kent has been a religion for me the last 13 years and i even if i can´t sing i would scream along with Jocke on the Singstar game.

    Spotify are awesome and goes anywhere, what would i do if Spotify wasn´t there?
    Kent is streaming out of my speakers, and i find myself dancing in my sneakers!

  10. I really can’t sing as well as Jocke Berg, I really can’t sing at all but with Singstar I could at least give it a try with my favorite band as inspiration…

  11. How on earth can anyone put out a playlist and sort Kent-songs out… The easiest AND by FAR best thing to do is to put every song they ever made in a new list called KENT – now and forever!

    I want to win so that i can practise on every word and get ready for the show on Sofiero-Helsingborg. Probably the most beautiful place for a Kent-show in the world?

  12. Kent is the freshest and the coolest band ever. There music is so clean and pleasant to listen to. Anybody can relate to the music and sound. Thats why it would be nice to win the Kent singstar game for PS3.
    Here is my playlist from there tour in Vaasa, Finland. It was a sick tour and they did two uncores. Which band does that, only Kent.

  13. Playlist:

    As you probably understand by the lengthy playlist, there isn’t much about Kent i DON’T like. I’ve been to 6 concerts (soon to be 7), i have every cd, tons of memorabilia and merchandise, and i even have prints on my wall. My friends won’t stop calling me a Kent nerd!

    Since i’m a musician i love to sing, music is my life and Kent is a huge part of that. So can you please help me out with the game so i can beat all my friends at it, and maybe they’ll stop calling me a Kent nerd… Now that i think of it… it’ll probably get worse, but who cares! It’s Kent!

  14. I love KENT. I see concerts as offen I can. Its faboulos to sing all their great songs. What a songwriter, Jocke Berg is. My most favourite songs is of course – Mannen i den vita hatten, Romeo återvänder ensam, Du är ånga, Pärlor, Dom Andra, Kärleken väntar, Socker, Kevlarsjäl, Vy från ett luftslott, OWC, and lately, Taxmannen, Vals för Satan, Team Building, Gamla Ullevi, Skisser för sommaren and Ärlighet Respekt Kärlek.

    Its looks like 50/50 to adore and love Kent, same for all my friends! I need the game to convince all not Kent fans (yet) to learn the music and lyrics. With my great voice its all easily made….

  15. I have been a fan since I bought a new car and had to drive 8 hours with ‘Vapen & Ammunition’ as the only CD 🙂


    I have now managed to find a girlfriend who is also a big fan so a PS3 with Kent and 2 microphones would be just perfect for me!

  16. Kent, or more correctly Joakim Berg, is in my eyes the most grand swedish poet in modern time. It is hard to choose a favorite from the many songs by Kent, since all depends on your mood and the world around you. But one thing is certain, and that is that even though the lyrics might be somewhat depressing – you always feel better and lighter at heart after listening to the right Kent song.

    I don’t really have any better reason to why I should be the lucky winner of the SingStar package then that I really love Kent’s music and it would make me, my girlfriend and our Kent-loving friends very happy and bring us much joy.


  17. “Sverige” would be one of my favourites.
    I will be playing an acoustic version of “Utan dina andetag”
    at my brothers wedding 28/8-10 in Hudiksvall.
    Spreading and making Kent:s music a part of peoples lifes, permanently
    should be rewarded.
    Thats why.

  18. I’ve been a Kent fan since their 1997 album Isola. Jocke Berg is(in my opinion) one of the very best songwriters around. Both music and especially the lyrics are incredible. Some of my favourites you can find here:

    Since I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them live, it would be great to interpret them myself in my own livingroom. My kids (two at the age of 10 and one 13 year old) really needs to discover their fantastic music, so this could be a golden chance for Kent to achieve some new fans. 🙂

  19. I should win because I love Kent And I love to sing their songs.
    And i need a new videoconsle becasue my ps2 just got brooken 😦 please let me win 🙂

  20. I’ve been a huge Kent fan since Isola.
    This playlist is from the great concert in Helsinki in the spring of 2010.

    I have introduced Kent to my 3 kids and they are on the way of becoming
    fans to the best band on the planet too… My 11 year old daughter and my 9 year old son are both hardcore
    singstar users (on the ps2), but I’m worried that they will get lost in the world of
    Hannah Montana if we won’t get singstar Kent soon! (I would probably have to try Singstar too, when we get proper songs:)

  21. We’re a group of friends who grew up in Eskilstuna with band like Kent, Yvonne and Plum. At kåren in e-tuna we first come in contact with the great band called Jones & Giftet, later Havsänglar with hits like “Kyss mig som en slägga” A big hit back then 🙂

    We still get together once a year, always ending up playing all the “old” Kent music. So please let me win this contest so I can surprise them this year!

  22. I started to listen to Kent because of my ex girlfriend. Thank you! ❤

    I chose one song from each record which is my personal favorites. It was extremely hard to pick only one.

    I have said to myself that I will never ever buy a singing game because I suck at it. My sister keeps nagging me to buy one. But maybe I can improve my singing skills? With a band I like very much.

  23. I’ve been listening to kent since a started to listen on music att the first time. This is my list of som classics from their early albums.

    I’ve never tried Singstar and I think I never will unless I get a chance to sing my favorite kentsongs. Usually I’m not a big singer but a always sing along im every song on every kentconcert I go to whit my crappy voice. So, to please the concertvisitors next to me I think it would be great for me to have som singingpractice in my living room before next concert.

  24. Here is my favourites from Kent:

    I suck at singing, but my friends like it and the ps3 and singstar would really help me get them to my place to party. Plus I think all my neighbours would appreciate me practising my serenade skills in the night. 🙂

  25. Because if I win I would have no excuse for not singing along with Kent at the next concert!

  26. I’ve been a big fan of Kent since Isola. I fondly remember watching Vox Pop on svt1 with Kent’s new music videos, in a time pre-youtube. Right now I’m sunburnt enjoying my vacation listening to the new album.

    I have a PS2 and singstar for it, but that is an ancient machine and I only sung one song for my friends. Something that was a complete drunken failure… Now I really need to get into the next century with Kent singstar and practice for a future singstar party to redeem myself and my guests!

  27. My favorite song Kärleken väntar

    Six years of desperate waiting NOW the time has come, we knew it all the time:)

  28. My best Kent-memory is from Hultsfred-festival 2001. Kent just started to play my absolute favorite song, “Utan dina andetag” when I joined the crowd and I was all ecstatic. Now Hultsfred is throwing in the towel and what a better way to honor and remember it then by gather a group of Kent-friends and rock our asses of to their Playstation-game.

  29. Putting together a Kent favourites list is always tricky, cause you’re bound to leave out a lot of great songs.. Here it is anyway:

    The playlist’s name is Frank, since that’s the song that once alerted me to Kent’s qualities, and I’ve followed them ever since, rising from the darkness of garage rock into the bright light of synth disco..

    Me, my wife and 2 daughters aged 13 and 16 are all Kent fans, and to picture the four of us shouting our hearts out in front of the TV set with Singstar mikes in our hands is a somehow very pleasing (if slightly nerdy) vision of family fun in the 21:st century.

  30. My list is called “Avtryck”

    Simple. I found the love of my life through Kent. She was impressed by my knowledge of Kent lyrics (I know every song, even old demos from the Jones and gifted period). If i win the PS3, it will go directly to her to show my appreciation of her love and having her in my life. För vad vore jag utan hennes andetag?

  31. My playlist:

    If I would win the game, I’d give it to my daughters, who are both real Kent fans as shown by these true stories:
    When I pick up my 8 year old at school, she often tells me to sing Elvis, Chans or Dom Som Försvann when we walk home, because then the way home feels much shorter.
    When my 14 year old went to Bengans at Drottninggatan to buy a few of the oldest Kent albums, the guy behind the counter asked her why she didn’t buy the 10-CD box instead. She quickly answered “Because I already have it!”

  32. My playlist: spotify:user:qatar:playlist:0tjpMBoG66n1QvheqeMSSP

    It’s been very difficult to pick my favourites among the many truly great songs that Kent has produced, my all time favourite however is Kräm.

    I should win because I recently bought my Playstation 3, I love SingStar but I haven’t had enough money to buy more then one game, so please pretty please with suger on top? =)

  33. A year ago my PS2 broke down. I’ve always been a PlayStation guy, but since I didn’t have much money when i got a really great offer on a xbox360 i couldn’t say no, since the PS3 was to expensive. It was with sorrow in my heart sold all my SingStar games and microphones, but i thought, hey at least i’ll have “Lips” on xbox (guess if I feel stupid now). I’ve been quite satisfied, until I heard that SingStar Kent is to be released.

    If I could go back in time and change my decision i would. I can’t sell my xbox since i won’t get any money for it and i’m in the middle of playing FFXIII and I don’t want, nor have the time, to start over again. And my girlfriend won’t let me buy another console, and I really can’t afford it. So you guys and girls are sort of my last hope. I’ve put together this playlist to celebrate the awesomest band Kent. I’ve called it “När det blåser pärlor på månen”. It’s wrapped between Carolina Wallin Péres beautiful interpretations of two of Kents greatest songs.

  34. These are my favorite Kent tunes:

    I should win this contest because I’m finally able to openly confess my admiration of Kent’s music, especially the latest three albums. “Röd” is one of the best Swedish albums ever. This is not easy for me to say as my musical preferences mainly consist of industrial and quite extreme metal music.

  35. Here are my Kent favs!

    I should win this contest because I’ve been a fan of their music since their very first album, plus winning this SingStar game will really go well with my Kent-loving roommate. Listening to Kent is soothing and has become a safe place for me. Whenever I’m feeling down, listening to Kent always calms me and helps me find my centre.
    Good luck to everyone who entered in this contest!

  36. We’re a group of friends who grew up in Eskilstuna with band like Kent, Yvonne and Plum. At kåren in e-tuna we first come in contact with the great band called Jones & Giftet, later Havsänglar with hits like “Kyss mig som en slägga” A big hit back then 🙂

    We still get together once a year, always ending up playing all the “old” Kent music. So please let me win this contest so I can surprise them this year!
    Here’s the list:

  37. I recently played singstar with a bunch of my friends. I’m sad to say that I got humiliated. The closest I came to winning where when Columbus came up. This is my chance to revenge.

  38. I was growing up with bands as Kent putting my thoughts into music. As a soundtrack catalyzing my emotions, just as music should do when it’s at its best. I lost them as the years passed by, only to rediscover them last year. I connected with Röd with the feeling of connecting with an old friend. I got the same kind of relationship with Singstar. I remember singing “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones at every party hosing a PS2 and Sing Star. Waking up with a sore throat and wanting to do it all over again. The possibility to have Kent and Singstar, somewhat picking up where I left would be awsome.

  39. Here’s my playlist:

    And here’s why I should win 😉
    I’ve been a huge fan of both Kent and SingStar for a very long time, and my old PS2 is getting outdated…What could be better than performing my own Kent concerts in my living room among friends? I am sure that my neighbors would love me when I perform “Max 500” on a friday night!!

  40. I’m just like DOM ANDRA – I love Kent, and their music will always have a special place in my HJÄRTA! Whenever I get 10 MINUTER (FÖR MIG SJÄLV) I brew myself a cup of coffee with SOCKER. Unfortunately, though, I often forget to drink my coffee, as I drift away into MIN VÄRLD, singing Kent’s songs while listening to them on Spotify. DET FINNS INGA ORD that can describe how happy i would be if I won this contest! The first thing I’d do is to ask my lovely girlfriend to sing a DUETT with me, and I’m hoping the music would make us feel that it’s VI MOT VÄRLDEN.

    SLUTSATS – Playstation 3 with Kent Singstar is a TIDSFÖRDRIV ATT DÖ FÖR, which would mean MUSIK NON STOP in our apartment!

    …and the playlist, with many of Kent’s PÄRLOR :

  41. I love Kent, because some songs you might resist the urge to sing, but most of them like this one, you just have to sing!

    Singtar Kent is the perfect way for my friends and i to be able to sing togheter in a fun way some of our favorite songs.
    I can’t wait to have a kent party with my friends and i all singin in choir: dom som försvann.

  42. My favourite track is Sverige, so beautiful in its simpleness.

    Why im going to be the winner of the ps3 and Kent singstar?
    I have the worst singing voice ever and im going to the kent concert here in stockholm. I really need your help with the training. Otherwise om going to be the dude that sings out of tune like hell and the one that everyone around me will drag out of the concert. I really need some training so I at least can hum in the right tones… i will not try to sing… that will be suicide to try 😉

    So please spotify, pimp my voice