Spotify Premium Sweden – The Prince Of Darkness Returns

Ozzy Osbourne’s career has spanned four decades and his music is as relevant today as ever. Scream, Ozzy’s first album in three years and 10th studio album overall, is fueled by the red hot single, Let Me Hear You Scream.

The album marks the first appearance of Ozzy’s new guitar player, Gus G. Ozzy’s band also features bassist Blasko, drummer Tommy Clufetos and keyboardist Adam Wakeman. The album out on June 23 in Sweden – but Spotify Premium users can listen to it starting today.

Later this summer Ozzy will embark on an 18-month world tour. First up, is this summer’s six-city OZZFest, co-headlined by Ozzy and Mötley Crüe and run from August 14th to 24th. On September 7th the tour reaches Stockholm and you can compete to win tickets for Ozzy’s show at the Ericsson Globe, to take part in the competition, direct your browser to Good luck!


  1. NOT correct !!!
    Label “This Album is not available in Norway” comes up and only one tune is available !!!
    Aaarghhhh, why differ between countries and why advertise this when it’s not for everyone ! VERY annoying !!!!!!

  2. @ frodech: What is it about the title ‘Spotify Premium Sweden…” that you don’t understand??? Jerk.

  3. Wow, nice person! Have not red all my comment have you? (o:
    Yes, I did see that is was a message FROM Spotify Premium Sweden, but don’t understand the point of sending messages TO only Premium Sweden via ALL in a FB group… Got it ?!
    IF it was a Swedish band that had a pre-release in home country, that could be OK, but Ozzy only for Swedish Premium Members? do not understand logic in that.

    If Spotify need’s to be this “Swedish”, and not global, then I understand some of the comments on the post that you probably not have red either.
    I think more than me do not understand the logic of this kind of Customer Service ?
    Sorry “mccool69”, if you have no other task than just comment for the sake of commenting, leave it and do something else.
    I really enjoy Spotify and have done so for a long time, but I hate this country-specific “BORDERS” which it is a lot of ): Is this label-controlled ?

  4. Um, I’m a swedish premium user and I get the “This album is not available in Sweden” so now the question is: Who the HECK *can* listen to this album?

    Building on the totally useless EPIC FAIL roll-out of the “new” spotify (with the FB options) I’m getting rather annoyed, what’s *really* so “premium” about premium really.

  5. Oh, god, this is silly… Just tried again and now it actually does work. weird shit!

  6. @frodech – The album is being released early in Sweden for premium as part of a promotion that that local label decided to do. These types of promotions are decided by the local labels and occur often in each of our launch countries.

    As for why it went to all FB users – FB doesn’t have geographic targeting for fans so unfortunately when we want to promote something we can’t just send it to one country.

  7. @andres/spotify, how come its impossible to scrobble this album and every one else thats pre-released?