Spotify for Symbian updated with local files and social support

Hot on the heels of our update to our Android app we’re releasing an update to our Symbian app which brings a number of the great social and local file features we’ve recently launched to your Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung compatible phone.

The additions include:

  • Support for playing and wirelessly synchronizing local files to your phone
  • The Inbox and Starred features have been added
  • We’ve added support for the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro and Nokia C5 phones

Point your mobile phone’s browser to to download the update. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks failedmuso for posting the link!

    As mentioned, we’ve found the problem and uploaded a fix now which seems to work great! Simply go to in your mobile web browser to download the updated version.

    Please let us know if you would run into any problems with this update, either by posting a message on the forums or by using the support form:


  2. Tsk, common, nothing is even “ok” untill you stop the windows mobile boycott. I mean…. Really!?

  3. It works fine. But we have longtime waited for a release with support..

  4. Sadly I’m using N900 and there’s no offline mode support for alternative clients. I’d really love to have official spotify client with offline mode and support for my N900

  5. Support for other Nokia N-Series mobiles would be nice too.. N80 wink wink 😉

  6. En el N97 mini por mi parte perfecto aunque se añora el funcionamiento del sensor de posición o al menos poder verlo en apaisado para poder escribir con el teclado desplegado sin tener que mirar la pantalla de lado.

    Por lo demás Fantástico!!

  7. Just downloaded updated version for N97.

    – Still no option to install to mass memory. Install is now using 4MB of my phones main memory which makes it run out of memory. Please allow install to mass memory.

    – For some reason my playlists would show but were all empty when loging on through WI-FI. Had to logon via 3g to solve the problem.

  8. Feedback:

    1. In the first run at login: When I enter my password, the characters should be replaced by ******..

    2. When login: it should be an exit/quit button to tap/press.

  9. The Spotify app for Symbian is really smooth. I wish more S60 apps looked like this 🙂 There is one thing I miss though: There’e no feedback when changing the volume (in most apps I see a volume slider overlay on my E71, but not with the Spotify app).

  10. Hm – maybe I’m just blind as a bat and deaf as a leppard (haha!), but I really can’t figure out what “social” has to do with this update. There’s no way to share tracks to Facebook, for example. Is the “social” bit about something else? Please indulge me!

  11. When I updated Spotify on my Nokia, none of my playlists/songs that I had made available offline were available any more, it takes sooo long to do that and if I listen to my Spotify playlists online, the connection cuts off constantly. The only way is to listen offline but now I need to go through the same process of downloading every single song all over again, not very good user experience.

  12. Any word yet on when we’ll be getting scrobbling support for I’m most disappointed that Symbian is the only platform that doesn’t support it yet.