Create the most popular Christina Aguilera playlist and win tickets to see her live

To celebrate the forthcoming arrival of Christina Aguilera’s brand new album ‘Bionic’ on 7th June, Christina is calling on all fans to enter her playlist competition. Create a playlist of 10 of Christina’s tracks and share it with as many people as you can via Spotify’s new sharing features. The playlist with the most subscribers wins.

Christina is offering an incredible prize of 2 tickets to see her in concert and an exclusive opportunity to ask her 5 questions! The answers will be posted right here on our blog. Additionally, her new album will be available a week early, on May 31st, here on Spotify for premium subscribers and you’re more than free to add tracks from the new album to your lists.

The competition closes on Monday 14th June and to ensure that your playlist is included please post the link here on the blog so we can track it.


  1. my 2nd christina aguilera playlist and why they inspire me.

    1.beautiful – listening to this song can make me happy, sad and also gives me hope. its one of the most iconic songs ever and one that nobody can ever forget.

    2.hurt – this song made me cry the first time i ever heard it and even now it moves me, the lyrics are so emotional and its even one of my dad’s favourite songs.

    3.keeps gettin’ better – whenever i’m having a bad day this song reminds me to “hold on” and that life keeps gettin’ better.

    4.contigo en la distancia – this song is also very inspitational and inspiring and a song that really shows christina’s voice to its best ability.

    5.i turn to you – like christina i am very close to my mum and we both love this song.

    6.the voice within – a song that will stay deep in my heart for a very special reason.

    7.fighter – one of those songs thats raw,great and inspirational.i can do anything whenever i hear this song.

    8.candyman – such a fun and catchy tune. from the moment i heard it i loved it.

    9.aint no other man – i always remember the amazing video and when i went to see her live on tour from the moment she sang this first i had goosebumps.

    10.not myself tonight – the most perfect comeback ever. people might have slagged this song off but lady gaga couldnt even go to this extreme.

  2. Hello to everyone! I´m Cristina from Spain.
    I´m a big Christina Aguilera´s fan.
    Please help me to make my dreams come true!! I have never been on a concert of her!

    This one is my playlist:

    Hope you like it guys!

  3. Listen, enjoy and play loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. What a girl wants? This christmas Ven conmigo…because you Beautiful… Please Loving me 4 me, you wanna get Dirrty. Ain’t no other man like you make me Not myself tonight.
    Keeps Gettin’ Better!
    Thank you Christina Aguilera xoxo

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  6. Speaking of Christina Aguilera…

    Any chance of changing her creepy half-robot-face popup ad? Scares the bejeezus out of my kid. Surely there’s no need for ads to be creepy . . . right?