Drowned in April playlist

Ash clouds, UK election chaos and the spring finally came to London, meanwhile, heaps of great records were released and here’s a playlist by DrownedinSound.com’s editor compiling the best bits and sound-tracking the month that was.

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Bow Wow Wow ‘I Want Candy’
A few weeks ago, the death of Malcolm McLaren hit me in ways I didn’t fully anticipate. McLaren was the visionary and incorrigible force behind the transatlantic importation and explosion of punk in the UK. He’s perhaps best known as the impresario/manager of The Sex Pistols, however his forays at the precarious axis where music, commerce and low-slung high culture clashed, didn’t start and end there. This track from Adam & the Ants former backing band, was released in 1982 (the year I was born) and still sounds as fresh and forward-leaning as it did back then.

Malcolm McLaren ‘Buffalo Gals’
McLaren also wandered into the limelight, releasing several albums (and writing the theme for British Airways?!), including his exploration of local music from African ‘world music’ to hip-hop from New York. Notably, the video to this track introduced break-dancing to the mainstream. Duck Rock from which this track comes, is perhaps a more important part of the legacy he leaves than Never Mind The…. Read tributes to Malcolm McLaren from the likes of Johnny Rotten and former partner Vivienne Westwood and listen to a special tribute playlist here.