Spotify Premium – Win a trip to see Slash play or a weekend in LA

Few artists in rock ‘n’ roll can carry off a single name, and carry it with gravitas. That is except Slash. So when he started making calls to his all-star wish list of singers and players he wanted to work with him on his current album, he didn’t hear no. Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Kid Rock, Dave Grohl and Fergie all artists who have the luxury of saying no to plenty of requests – all easily and quickly said yes. And so, Slash, was born.

The Guns N’ Roses guitar legends anticipated album has finally arrived and will hit the stores April 7th.
The first single off of “Slash”, a ballad, is a fantastic song called “By The Sword” and features lead singer and guitarist Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity. Spotify Premium offers you a chance to enter and win a trip to go see Slash play live or a weekend in the legends hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Visit the official contest page to enter.


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