Spotify Premium, Blue Man Group tickets

Blue Man Group is best known for its widely popular theatrical shows and concerts that combine music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to produce a unique form of entertainment. This September the Blue Man Group is coming to Stockholm for a series of shows at the Göta Lejon theatre and we have ten pairs of tickets to hand out to Spotify Premium users in Sweden.

For more information and tickets visit the official site and for a chance to win tickets to a show leave a comment here on the blog and tell us your favourite theatre experience and we’ll pick the winners in a few weeks time.


  1. My favourite moment was when I fell asleep watching ‘Cats’ in London some ten years ago…

  2. When we saw Fröken Julie (Miss Julie) in Vitabergsparken a couple of years ago and had some food and wine. Severely nice.

  3. Ever since I saw arrested development I’ve wanted to see them! I just blue myself.

  4. Watching phantom of the opera when the set broke down and the chandelier plummeted to it’s death follow by a very sudden intermission 🙂

  5. When I saw Kristina från Duvemåla in Stockholm with my friends and family.

  6. My fave theatrical experience was Cirque du Soleil’s show “O” in Vegas.
    And unfortunately I missed the Blue Men Show on that trip, so I need to make up for it 🙂

  7. My favourite theatre moment was when watching the dance group Bounce performing “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Amazing interlacing of dance, music and story. I sense that Blue man Group will mix it all up just as well in their show.

  8. My favorit theatre moment was when I saw Cats with my girlfriend in Stockholm a couple of years ago, she was taking photos like a manic and when we arrived back home she noticed that she didn’t have any film in the camera (yes it was an analog crapy camera)!

  9. My favourite theatre (or rather concert experience, hope that counts! 🙂 ) moment was seeing Michiru Yamane receiveing standing ovations at Castlevania: The Concert. The amazed look on her face was pure joy to see.

  10. I get all blue in my soul thinking about the first time I saw The West Side Story with my dad at the China Theater. I were very young at that time and since then I wanted to be a dancer. And I almost became one. I started to dance from the age of 3 1/2 and had to stop when I was only 12 years old. And this was because of a hip issue. But even though I had to stop dancing in such an young age I get all filled up with joy when I hear musicians and artists play passionated music built up by the most vibrant rhythms such as the kind that is being played by The Blue Man Group. The same kind of rhythms that my younger sister was born to which makes me even more nostalgic.

  11. Seeing “how to succeed in business without really trying” with my family as a kid. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much.

  12. Madonna on “Varvet” in Gothenbourg -89 (or was it -90) was awesome. My friend and I are tall and we were in the front rows and had to help several girls that fainted in the crowd.

  13. One great moment was to bring my son to a concert with Salem Al Fakir, he was guiet all the time with a big open mouth. To shom him BMG should be really awesome after have seen them on TV. I think it will be even bigger!

  14. So many aweseome memories but when I saw Blue Man Group in berlin was defenately one of the greates moments of all time. I was 18 and was om a class-trip to Berlin, and the teachers got us tickets. It was epic

  15. This will be totally unrelated but the band inspection 12 is wrongfully named inspector 12.
    Just to keep this comment valid I can mention I really love the blue man group. I have only seen them on TV but it has been a great experience every time

  16. I remember the time that I went to see Cirkus Cirkör in Stockholm. The show was fantastic and what also was amazing was the band that played during the show… And the joy was EVEN greater when I went home and found that the band and the music from the show was to be found in Spotify 🙂 spotify:user:per.ostlund:playlist:0n592hIcO3SJMTwqmZUkvS

  17. My favourite theatre/ concert experience, was when I went to see the Japanese group, Dir en Grey a few years ago. During the concert I accidentally lost one of my shoes… It was just in the beginning of the show, half an hour later I saw it just in front of me. I was happily surprised, I had moved quite a lot in the crowd so I had expected never to see it again. Though… I was never again able to use my lovely shoe.. Anyway, the concert was also my real first concert and it was AWESOME.

  18. My favourite experience was when I saw BMG Blue Man Goup in Vegas 2002 and didn’t knew what kind of powerful and astonishing show BMG they would deliver.For anyone who haven’t seen BMG, it’s a must!

  19. when I saw Grease on Göta Lejon a couple of years ago. there’s nothing better than the feeling in your body when you hear those wonderful songs live…

  20. When I saw Coldplay and The Killers in one night at the same venue! My two favourite bands joined together in one unforgettable show!

  21. My best memory is from Liseberg hall, I saw STOMP. It is a show which I guess is a little like blue man group. I was only 12 years when, it was also my first musical show. I love when you produce rhythmic sounds from various things, etc. It would be so fun to go up to Stockholm and see them.

  22. Undoubtedly “The Umbilical Brothers” at the “China Teater” in Stockholm for a few years ago. An incredible experience in which two Australian savages through body language and audio were playing with my imagination and vision making me experience things I never thought possible with these circumstances and without props.

  23. When time stopped watching Ingmar Bergmans En vinteresa @ Dramaten! Time stood still for a moment … true beauty true life

  24. When I was 10 my dad took me to “Starlight Express” in London. It has been many great shows since then but as they say, you never forget the first time of most things and it sure was a big experience for a little boy… Blue man has been sold out everytime I have been to Vegas so PLEEEEAAASE give some peace to my mind 😉

  25. My favorite theatre experience took place when I was still in school and my class visited Dramaten in Stockholm. We got to run around on the stage and we even performed a play we created ourselves. Still, there were no people there to watch us, but I sure was nervous anyway. Standing on that big stage looking out over all those rows and balconies.An experience I’ll never forget!

  26. The only theater experience i had was at phantom of the opera when i was a kid and that was no fun. So i want a good theatre experience 🙂

  27. I still remember once when I was in first grade in high school. The whole class went to see a theater piece, I had a class mate who could not stand to see blood, because then he passed out and that was exactly what he did that day when an actor pretending to cut another.
    Suddenly we heard a bang and it was my classmate who hit the floor.

  28. We were young, single and on a beer-drinking mission to Munich, my brother and I. After some disappointing encounters with (mostly tourist) women in the beer gardens, we concluded they didn’t understand our scandinavian sophistication. Suddenly we sat at the dimmed Staatsteater balcony with two last-minute tickets in our hands. The trick turned out to be asking two up town-looking girls to translate the programme leaflet. What a night!

  29. When I saw “Buddy Holly” at Göta Lejon, Stockholm. It was magic from the start!

  30. Watching phantom of the opera as a little kid, they totally immersed you in the experience. I got scared shitless when the chandelier fell down from the ceiling but could not have been happier with it all.

  31. I’m a sucker for the sitcom series Arrested Development – probably the most intelligent comedy series in history – where doctor Tobias Fûnke has a blue period for a number of episodes that is just so fun. If you haven’t seen Arrested Development you definitely should.
    And i would also like to see Blue Man Group on Göta Lejon together with my partner. Thank you!

  32. My problem is that it was so long ago since i saw a theater so I have forgotten everything about it

  33. My favorite theater experience was when I saw “Komprimerade Dramatiska Teatern” perform the entire catalogue of William Shakespeare in 97 minutes. The entire second half was dedicated to “Hamlet”, which meant that they had to cover the rest in the first half.

  34. The best performance I’ve ever seen was Taikoza ( band when they were in Minsk. They were performing on a big stadium and beat of their drums was accompanied by massive fireworks. It was really stunning!
    And they were playing like crazy – my heart was beating with the same rhythm as they were playing. I even thought it will jump out in one of the moment!

    I really want to go to that concert – i love those guys. I even thought to go to Las Vegas to see them! But now they are coming to Stockholm and i have a chance to see them live!

  35. It must have been when I was to Garbo´s at Grand Canaria with my family when dad turned 50. That musical was fantastic!

  36. My favourite theater experience was when I was around 10 years old and it was me on the stage. 🙂 My cousins had taught me a simple sketch and together with some of my classmates we played this to the parents at our school. It surprisingly turned out to be a complete success and I can still today, now over 15 years ago, remember some of the faces in the audience of moms who laughed the air out of their lungs at the same time as they were crying their makeup to a black/blue/green/red/pink/green mess. What a sight! 😀

  37. Jag har ett ganska ovanligt favoritminne: jag jobbade en gång som ljussättare och satt högt, högt upp i en teater och var personen som skötte den enorma lampan och fokuserade på skådespelarna. I början var det så tråkigt att hålla på med detta varje teaterdag, men efter ett tag började jag drömma min in i musiken och teatern. Väldigt lugnande!
    Därför skulle jag vilja uppleva en teater igen, utan att behöva stå bakom en varm och enorm lampa 😉

  38. These cool performers reminds me of Eiffel 65… (spotify:track:4fjlcHo353BtR3WZtZZL8t)

  39. I have never been to a major theater show, but when I was little me and my class went into town and watched ‘Pelle svanslös’ I had some great fun. I’ve wanted to go to a comical show for quite some time now, but there’s been a severe lack within my area so I’ve never had the opportunity.

  40. A couple of years ago my parents, my sister and I went to “Cirkus” in Stockholm to watch Sarah McLachlan. In the middle of the concert, when everybody is absolutely quiet, waiting for Sarah to say something, a man in the middle of the audiens stands up and shouts “WE LOVE YOU!!” Everybody started to laugh and gave him a big round of applaudes. 😀