Spotify Premium, Let’s Dance

Almost 30 years into his career Thomas Di Leva returns with his new album Lovestar where he interprets 12 mega hits from the 80’s updated with a modern electro sound. Starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden (in Norway and Finland on Friday) can listen to the Lovestar which is being officially released next week.

The songs are taken from icons such as U2, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Phil Collins, ABBA and Bob Marley among others. To help out on the project he enlisted Astma Beats, Maverick, Pontus Frisk, Patricio Cabezas and Andreas Ahlenius as co-producers. The songs that made it to the album where chosen among thousands of tracks that Thomas had looked up on Spotify for inspiration. To learn more about why and which tracks were chosen check out his website,

To see what tracks that didn’t make it to the album as well as to hear what the original tracks sound like be sure to check out this Digster playlist.