New Spotify for Android release

Late last night we released a new version of Spotify for Android. The new version (v 0.3.24) can be downloaded from the Android Market or use your phone’s browser and go to and select the option ‘manual install’.

New features in this release include:

  • URI support – Open/Share Spotify URI’s to or from SMS, email, the Facebook or Twitter apps, etc.
  • Updated player with cover art swipe support (similar to the iPhone version).
  • Android 2.0/Eclair support. Spotify now runs on the popular Motorola Droid phone.
  • Home screen widget – control Spotify from the home screen!

Hopefully you enjoy the new features and we look forward to releasing more updates for other platforms soon.


  1. Please make an iPhone/iThouch update to support multitasking while listening to Spotify! 😦

  2. @taskspark: Once again, that’s not something Spotify can change, it’s a limitation set by Apple in the iPhone, NO 3rd party apps can run in the background.

    If you need multitasking Spotify you just have two options: Either you jailbreak your iPhone, or you get a new phone (Android or Symbian).

  3. WinMo app guys, come on! HD2 awesomeness becomes much less awesome without spotify.

  4. running spotify in background works fine on an itouch if you jailbreak it. Not that anyone does that.

  5. Spotify for Android is great! Simply, fantastic! But I have a question. No it’s more like an idea of an upgrade to Spotify. But anyway, do anyone know where to turn to with such questions?

  6. Under två månader har jag varit en Spotify Premium Subscriber, men under ca en tredje del av tiden kunde jag inte utnyttja tjänsten då ni meddelade vid flera tillfällen: “We continue to experience some problems streaming tracks”. Tyvärr har jag betalat för ett år. Om problemen inte kan löses, can I get money back?

  7. Awseome ! love it 🙂 But, the widget switches songs faster than the main software. When swipeing/changeing songs there is 2-3 sec lag in the program. With the widget 1 sec. Love the widget and software update 🙂

  8. windows mobile right now. We are more users in the world with windows mobile than any other mobile OS

  9. Works like charm on my HTC Hero, but I am really worried, too many rock classics are still missing, and it doesnt seem to change. (I have been a free user until present)

  10. Hold on… if Spotify’s on Android, and Android is a Linux operating system, why isn’t there Spotify for Linux generally?

  11. Come on guys, there are more Window Mobile users than Android, whats the hold up???

  12. You need to make the premium account cheaper. Put it 5€/month and you will have 2x subscribers!

  13. Plz get a mobile version for normal cell phones. I love my SE W995 but it does not support Spotify :/
    Offline Spotify rocks my Macbook!
    Rock on!

  14. The same as above I would love to see spotify on W995 and than I will be happy to continue with my premium account.

  15. Great application !

    Could it be possible to embed smartradios in a futur update and it will be wonderfull 😉

    Thanks a lot !

  16. i have an iphone and i have a HTV HD2 windows mobile phone . the iphone has went into the drawer for the time being .
    i have a premium account with spotify .
    i ahve it installed on 2 of my pc’s and on my iphone . next i want to see it on windows mobiles .
    i mean Andriod = new
    windows mobile = been around for a while
    i really want to see it for windows mobile .

    make my life easier . i pay for this service .
    happy new year
    just give us some news about the release for windows mobiles .

  17. I would also love an Windows Mobile client. Or even Java, so that everyone can enjoy it on they phones

  18. all my m8s have blackberrys and we all would love an excuse to pay 10 a month for music on our mobiles soooo pleas make a blackberry app

  19. This is cool news, android has lot of potential 🙂

    Personally, as a FM Radio fan, I don’t see any problem with service payed by advertisement. But I understand some people preffer to pay a premium to have full time music and offline musice available (public transportation for instance).

    As a user, I will choose the first provider that offers me a free advertisement based service on my android phone, will it be spotify or deezer or anybody else.

    It is up to the service provider to ensure an offer is a viable offer. If you are not able to generate enough cash with your basic offer, then as other suggested, delegate this business to another company and focus on your core service.

  20. LG will realese a Moblin cell phone towards the end
    of this year. Will Spotify support it?

    A different subject. Could you not create a premium day pass 50% more expencive than regular day pass whith high audio resolution (320 bits)????

  21. what about Nexus One, and Android? I have gotten the apk in and installed it; its just that it force closes every time…

  22. Great release! One thing I really miss in the mobile app is the related artists feature. I use it very often on the desktop app to discover new music I might like, but there’s not much to discover on the android app other than the playlists you already have, and the artists you already know. Other than that it is a great app!