Back to invites for a while in the UK

I wanted to quickly let everyone know that due to the huge demand in the UK over the last few days since we launched our mobile service, we are going to have to temporarily reinstate our invite system in the UK. We are invite-only in all our other launch countries but we hope to be able to remove the need for an invite again very soon. Premium users will of course still get instant access as per usual and all current users will be able to use Spotify as normal!

In the meantime there are still a lot of ways to get a Spotify account. If you’d like to sign up for Spotify you can get an invite from a friend (there are lots of them out there already) or sign up to our waiting list. And you can always just register directly for Spotify Premium to get access to all the features on offer including mobile access (for iPhone, iPod touch and Android) along with a few invites you can then share with friends.


  1. Spotify for iPhone is the way forward people! No wonder there has been an increase in demand

  2. I’d say that Spotify on any mobile device is the way forward 😀 The client is really good but I would like to have a Last.FM Scrobbler in the mobile version aswell 🙂

    Using Android on an HTC HERO

  3. Android Spotify rules all! All the bugs from initial launch have been fixed (so far) so keep up the goodwork!

  4. Offline playlist on the desktop application would be insane. I’m thinking about getting a premium account but holding out for this feature.

  5. Add Paypal as a payment method for gods sake, I can’t purchase premium as I don’t have a credit card. 😦

  6. As a premium subscriber already, what I would really love is a feature in Spotify to add my own, bought MP3’s, into my playlists. That way, I wouldnt have to use two different players, and could listen to all my music within Spotify.

    Keep up the great work anyway lads, my Ipod Touch didnt know what hit it this week, loving the App.

  7. I hope it’s printing money for you guys now! Hopefully you can make a profit in the UK now!

  8. Please bring Paypal to Spotify 😦 No premium just because of the current limitations…

  9. Yeah PayPal would be very nice. That way I could pay for a premium account 🙂

  10. I would have purchased premium months ago if there would have been paypal available for payment.

    And scrobbling for the mobile app for the ipod would be great too.

  11. Still lovin’ the iPhone App 🙂

    But when I’ve made a playlist for a band with multible albums, it takes a while to find the song. Is it possible in the future to arrange the playlist like the way it’s done when searching and streaming through your servers? By that I mean, click the album and get the songs in it etc.

    Thanks again!

  12. Now I have a use for my invites now! I knew Spotify Premium would be a great investment – Looking forward to Christmas to get my Itouch 😀

    Hope you and the team at Spotify keep up the good work, no wonder there has been so much demand!

  13. I second that it is hard to find your music in a playlist if you have more then a few songs in there. I would really like a way to browse it by song/artist/album. Also I really want release year to be added to the iPhone client.

  14. when i listen to erik hassle’s album, the title doesn’t match the song.. would be nice if you could fix that 🙂

  15. The press coverage for Spotify Mobile has been insane! I’m really not surprised your having to limit new customers to invites only at the moment, there must have been a massive surge in demand.

  16. i agree with js91, it would be great to integrate local content into the player, with the option to turn the function on/off.

  17. Dan Ek told me last week that Paypal was coming within a week or so – is that still planned? That might put a lot of minds at rest…

  18. @joebraidwood – Paypal is being worked on as we speak. We will let everyone know once it’s available.

  19. Do the mobile users e.g. iphone contribute as much upload bandwidth as the desktop users?

  20. Hola,I need to kwnow how could I invite a friend to join to spotify.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Hasta pronto.

  21. I hope this means you guys are doing well. I think its a great service and i wish the music industry would support it more. The iphone app is great though could do with some fine tuning e.g.:

    Adding my own non Spotify music to Spotify playlists-
    If I remember I think Apple may well prevent this but would be nice.

    Being able to add individual tracks from an album to a playlist without having to play the track-
    Perhaps you already can but from what I see you can only select the whole album not individual track; just a pain.

    Background playing –
    I know this is limited by Apple but would be great!

    Oh and boo to the no 3G off line sync; shame on Apple/O2 (interesting to know whom decided) as the Android users can! I would imagine Apple has an agreement with O2 not allow any network heavy apps and Android as a much more open platform has fewer network pressures.

  22. Offline syncing on my laptop would be good please. And if you have any influence on apple (err..?) then background playing would be great.

  23. hi, i recently moved to SIngapore, can someone tell me if spotify mobile for android will be available in singapore as well ? thks

  24. Well happy with the iPhone app and Premium sub. Putting invites to use as well. Hope you guys can start to make some good money for the artists now.
    An in application safari window as with Wunder Radio would be a great addition on the iPhone in the absence of multi-tasking.

  25. Let me trial the iPhone client before parting with my very stretched budget cash and you might have a Premium sale. Until that time I’m just going to be using your service and stretched servers for free. Do you see how that works Spotify?

  26. @ markkcurtis:
    You have a budget that is so stretched, that you’re unable to part with £10, to try out this excellent service for a whole month?

  27. I wish spotify was on ps3 they would have a huge success with sony using spotify on their ps3s alongside vidzone the music video watchins service! That is my dream for spotify! 😀 🙂

  28. 3 months is a long time for it to be temporary…. when is it going to be changed back..?

  29. This really needs changing back to No Invites, ASAP This is redicolous.. there are thousands of online users being held back from using Spotify! – Stranded. Also one point, only Premium users can send invites? What a load of fail. Even just the one invite would be an acceptable cause. IGNORANCE.

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