Spotify Premium, Stop the world

We have a number of pre-releases today for premium subscribers.


The Irish band, The Blizzards, have been touring heavily since their second album, Domino Effect was released last year. Today we have an exclusive Live Spotify Session, recorded just for us at a special studio gig in London. Spotify Premium users in the UK can listen to the session as a teaser for their forthcoming album.


In Sweden and Norway premium users can listen to the new album from R&B artist Maxwell. The much anticipated album, BLACKsummers’night, is his first studio release since 2001 and now available on Spotify.


For premium users in Spain we have the latest album from the Grammy winning singer Bebe. Her new release, Y., is out at the end of the month but premium subscriber can hear it on Spotify first.

The King of Pop

It’s a sad day for music, the King of Pop has moon walked for the final time. Michael Jackson passed away last night and like many of you, we’ve dedicated today’s office playlist to the huge number of hits he’s had. His 1982 album, Thriller, is unforgettable to those of us who grew up in the 80s and the very first song ever played on the Mac OS version of Spotify was a track by Michael & Paul.

Rest in peace MJ.