Hints & Tips – Drop down arrows

Almost every week there’s a feature or function in Spotify that I learn about which I didn’t know existed. I’m sure a lot of others have the same experience so I’m going post useful tips once and awhile so you can get the most out of Spotify. If there’s a specific feature or function you want to know more about let us know and we’ll put together a post in the future.

Today I wanted to point out drop down arrows. You’ll usually find them in two places; either when searching for tracks or in the artists view. When searching for music we combine different versions of the same track name and display the most popular one. If you’re looking for a different version you can click the drop down arrow to the right of the track name to reveal all the versions available.

One track


Multiple Tracks

There are also drop down arrows next to some album names. If an album has a censored version or a radio edit we combine them and add the drop down arrow.


Clicking it will show all versions of that album that we have.


  1. Very useful. I’m also a classical music fan and naming classical music is a complex business making it difficult to spot the version you want. If the entries could be standardised it would help but really useful would be a ‘search this page function’. When you’ve searched for a work and got dozens of entries, a search for ‘say’ the orchestra or other performer would get there more quickly.

  2. Very good update 🙂 but Spotify need to add new albums 2009 like britney spers and Rihanna. Hope you can fix it 🙂

  3. i just to add albums like Christ Brown and Lady Gaga. I LOVE spotify can you fix my wish, please 😛

  4. Is there anyway you can backup your playlists, i want to empty my libary, and then add the playlist back in

  5. Is there any way to make spotify autoname the playlist i make from a search on an artist?

  6. So if I find an album without this arrow and the album is censored, you haven’t recieved an uncensored version of it then?
    Because this is the case with Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight.

  7. Hi thanks for a great musicinvention!

    I wonder which is the best way to get an invitation to spotify? My girlfriend is going to finland during the summer and would like to have her own spotify to listen to. Is there a waiting list, where you can write yor -e,ail/name?

    Thanks again for a great service

    Mikael Svensson

  8. harteex – Correct, if there is no arrow then we only have one version at the moment. We are asking the content providers to make sure they send both versions so hopefully we’ll add the other one soon.

  9. kurtmikael –
    “How do I get new invites?

    Getting invites is one of the benefits of being a Premium subscriber in one of the countries where Spotify Free is available. You receive two new invitations each time your Premium account is renewed (yearly or monthly, depending on your payment method).”