Spotify Premium, Just Can’t Get Enough Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe

Depeche Mode is one of the biggest electronic music bands ever. On April 20th they are releasing their first album in four years, Sounds of the Universe. Starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden, Norway and Finland can get a first chance to pre-listen to the entire album. For a taste of what the new album is like check out the first single off the album, Wrong.

On top of the pre-listening experience we’re offering one lucky premium subscriber a pair of tickets to see Depeche Mode live at the Arvika Festival on July 3rd, 2009. Along with the tickets the winner will get free train transportation from Stockholm to Arvika. And best of all, the winner will get a chance to meet the band in person!

So for all those fans out there who consider Depeche Mode their Personal Jesus, now is a great time to sign up to Spotify Premium. Then go check out the new album and leave a message on the blog stating that you want to attend the concert. We’ll pick a winner next week when the album is officially released.


  1. Just for clarity’s sake, this is me stating that I want to attend the concert.

  2. Well who would not want to go see DM at Arvika 🙂
    I definitely would love to.

  3. Sign me up! I would love to meet the guys in Depeche Mode. I’ll send the blog a photograph! Cheers!

  4. I am a huge DM-fan, and I am born and raised in Arvika! So the concert is going to be an incredible experience for me! PICK ME PICK ME! I´m a true DM-fan, and a true Arvika citizen 😉

  5. Spotify my love. Please let me make my other love Emma happy by taking her to see Depeche Mode.

  6. Jag vill åka till Arvika!!!
    I want to go to Arvika!!!
    This new album has revived my love for Depeche Mode ( the last three albums seems to have been their trial/error period and now they finally found the sound ) and i LOVE that you put it on pre-listen for us premium owners ( well, premium owner since you put the album up anyway =D ).

  7. Åh jösses vad jag vill åka till Arvika och träffa bandet! Har varit på festivalen 2 gånger än så länge, första var lysande, andra året blev vår öl stulen 😦 Men att se DM där… det vore nåt.

  8. Jaha, då får man signa up här och se om man kan vinna dessa biljetter till festivalen, skulle vara skönt att få gå på festival, som småbarnsförälder blir det tyvärr inte så mycket raj raj…

    senast jag var på konsert var typ 20 år sedan så det börjar bli lite för sällan mellan gångerna, nej iofs så såg jag Weeping Willows för några år sedan.

    Skulle gärna gå på denna konsert, lämna min fru hemma med ungen och ta med mig min bästa polare!

  9. I “Just can’t get enough” of DM and you would be my “Personal Jesus” if I could go to Arvika and don’t just sit here and “Enjoy the silence”. Don’t get me “Wrong” I “Strangelove” my “New life” with Spotify, but to “See you” DM in person would be something I could only “Dream On”. Im not saying that you are the “Master and (I’m) the Servant” but I will make you “Suffer well” If i don’t get the tickets. Since “Everything counts” I made this little poem and “I feel you” would love to give me the “Precious” tickets “Any second now” it’s just “A question of time” or are you gonna play “Martyr” on me and make me point the “Barrel of a gun” at you. “Try walking in my shoes” and say “Now this is fun!” Now I will “Leave in silence” !

  10. It it too late to sign for interest?

    Arvika sounds like roligt som attan. 😀

  11. so, whats happening??? When will you draw the lucky winner, I hope its okey that I wrote in Swedish in my former post…

  12. Thanks to everyone for entering. We’ve picked a winner and sent them an email to notify them.

  13. NYREMARK´s post is the winner!!!! Best post ever for Depeche tickets.

    IF his not the winner – I like too have the tickets please! Why? I´m been a huge DM fan since dawn of time but only seen them live once from a crappy place in Parken (Copenhagen). Arvika is the place too be!

  14. Uhhh, since the Stockholm Stadion concert I’ve been waiting for the lads to return to Sweden. If not winning the tickets I’ll pay out of my own pocket and invite all my friends too.

    Thanks to Spotify which made the record availabe before it even hit the stores.


  15. Hmm, is this a scam? Are there really any winner at all or is this just made up to sell more premium accounts??

    This smells fishy!

  16. dmag – We picked a winner and they’ve contacted and know that they’ve won.

  17. Sorry that i always have something to complain about Andres but here we see the same problem as with the updates. If there is an update or if someone wins a price it should be announced so we know what is happening at the Spotify office!