Spotify 0.3.12

We are now rolling out Spotify 0.3.12 with the long-awaited fix for scrobbling on Mac and scrambling of proxy passwords. As mentioned earlier we have also included more download links and a Spanish translation as well as a fix for some character encoding problems.

Expanded “Buy From” feature and a Spanish translation

There are a couple of neat new features to tell you about today. We’ve been experimenting with a download feature where users could purchase tracks for a while now but the number of songs available has been very limited. Now we’re expanding the “Buy From” feature to offer you the option to download a huge […]

Spotify Music catalogue updated with 870 releases

To make the weekend a little more interesting we have another update to the Spotify music catalogue. Today we’ve added 877 albums and singles, for a total of more than 13,000 new tracks. Some of the notable additions include most of the back catalogue from the Beastie Boys including the special 20th anniversary edition of […]

Spotify Music catalogue updated with 2,850 releases

It’s Wednesday, the work week is half over and to help you get through the rest of the week we’ve got another update of our music catalogue. Today we’ve added more than 2,850 albums and singles, in total over 37,000 new tracks are now available. This release includes albums such as Cherry Peel, part of […]

Akon & Peter Buffett record anti-slavery song

March 25th is the International day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. In support of this, the UN is also hosting a cultural evening and concert in New York later tonight with the likes of Alicia Keys and Muhammed Ali in attendance. Additionally, to commemorate the day Akon and […]

Spotify genres, the full listing

We’ve previously covered some of the advanced searches that you can do in Spotify to quickly find your favorite music. Searching by genre, such as “genre:soul“, is very popular but a lot of people are unaware of what genres they can search for. To help you get more out of your searches we’ve put together […]

Spotify Music catalogue updated with 600 releases

Monday is here, we’re all back at work and we’ve got another catalogue update to let you know about. We’ve added about 600 albums and singles today, close to 8,000 new tracks in total. Some of today’s new releases include the new The Decemberists album, The Hazards Of Love, as well as the latest Pet […]

Spotify Music catalogue updated with 5,200 releases

Today we have another update to the Spotify music catalogue. We’ve added just over 5,200 albums and singles, in total over 72,000 new tracks were added. This update has some interesting additions for video game fans, we’ve added a number of soundtracks from EA Recordings like Sim City 4 and Command & Conquer. Additionally the […]

Spotify feature, download and install on Mac OS X

We have another video in our new series of how to get the most out of Spotify. This time we’ve started off at the beginning and are showing the signup and install process for Mac OS X users. We try and keep the videos to under one minute which can be quite a challenge for […]

Spotify Premium, HammerFall concert tickets

HammerFall, the Swedish metal band, is currently touring to promote their latest release, No Sacrifice, No Victory. For Spotify Premium users in Sweden we have one pair of tickets to their concert in Gothenburg on March 27th and one pair of tickets for the concert in Stockholm on March 29th. If you’re interested in winning […]