U2’s new album now available in the UK and Spain, exclusively on Spotify

It’s been almost 5 years since U2’s last album was released, but for Spotify users in the UK and Spain the wait for the new album is over. U2’s latest record, No Line On The Horizon, is now available to all Spotify users in those countries for an exclusive pre-release one week before the album officially goes on sale.

To listen to the album please visit the special U2 page in either the UK or Spain.

Tomorrow the album will be available to Spotify Premium users in Sweden, Norway and Finland and will be available to all Spotify users March 2nd.


  1. but I forgot to say that The Script album was deleted during this day, or at least it’s not available anymore in Finland…

  2. I’m still not sure the music companies “get” piracy though. I mean, if it’s just artificially delayed to March 2nd, then people not in these countries will just risk downloading this album illegally, and stick with that illegal download. Hmm, in other words… I think the minor head start given is far less of an advantage than the disadvantage from a head start in the first place.

  3. Nice one guys! I’m now a premium member cause of this. Make sure the premium service keeps getting these kind of exclusives and you’ve have some very pleased members 😉

  4. Heard the album for two weeks ago, totally a disaster. I´m an old fan of the band but this time i think they should listen to rick rubin or go back to sleep. Sucha a disaster. Best daniel. Thanxs spotify i love you 24/7.

  5. This is a good direction. But: when will the labels stop with these silly country specific pre-releases? There are no borders on the internet.

  6. I’ve got an ad for U2 in spotify on the top right under the titlebar. I’ve already got Premium. This is as I see it a breech of agreement, as the premium version is supposed to be ad-free! No matter it’s new and “cool” content, it’s still an ad! And for a shait band too even..

  7. I’m a premium user, but the new album isn’t listed under U2 nor does it show up if I do a search. I had to Google around for the URI and click on that, which worked. Strange.

  8. @voz: If you have the latest version of Spotify you will see a link in the upper right hand corner of the program.

  9. I see the link and I am not sure if i am happy with this. I mean I paid to go 100% ad free. Is this an ad or a tip. Not sure yet…

  10. It’s great that you have the new U2 album, but I don’t like the fact that you have a link to it with a popup and as a link IN THE SPOTIFY INTERFACE!

    The program interface should only contain the program’s main functions. No other Mac application has ads built into the interface. Please keep ads on the Home-page or in banners like you’ve done for other promotions.

  11. Another restriction on Spotify, “premium only”. Spotify is so going in the wrong direction…