Another new music update now live on Spotify.

Today we updated the Spotify music catalogue with over 10,000 new albums being added. There are some great new releases like the latest from Animal Collective and Antony & The Johnsons as well all sorts of older albums in every genre imaginable.

We’ve been asked many times to publish an entire list of the additions we make to the catalogue so I’ve added an Excel file to this post that lists everything in the update. The format may not be the best and some of the names may be a little messy due to the transfer to Excel but we wanted to pass the information on right away, we’ll work on a better way to deliver this information in the future.

The Excel file of albums that we added can be found here.

One small note, due to territorial restrictions a small number of the albums listed will not be available in your country.


  1. expeditionen – Thanks for the Google Doc, we’ll do the same in the future as we know a lot of people don’t use MS products. 🙂

    firebeetle – You’re right, it’s not 10,000 albums as there are lot’s of singles. I’ll be more precise in the future.

    tetsuonikopol – Warp records should be covered by our Merlin license so hopefully we’ll get the music back at some point. A lot of people have asked for a record label search and I’ll suggest it to our development team.

  2. andres: Just a suggestion…
    You have in the excel file information on the number of tracks for each entry so why not just get the total of all tracks and express the update as 101,073 tracks (I did a quick calculation in the spreadsheet =SUM(E2:E10261)) instead of 10,000 albums.

  3. Cool stuff! Just added Enrico Rava and a few more!

    @ Andres: is M. Ward’s new album Hold Time already available? I couldn’t find it, possibly due to country limitations, but I thought it was due on the 17th…

    @ fewmanchu: I wish your Spotifynews was in english too 😉 That’s a great way to pick interesting new realises on Spotify! I’ll follow your updates…

  4. @affisch; The reason I wanted to keep it in Swedish ws because I have no idea if the content will be the same in different countries. But maybe I may reconsider. Let me think about it for a day…

  5. Hi,

    Spotify is the most amazing thing to happen online!

    Btw; sometimes I come across tracks that are tagged wrong. Could it be an idea to let users somehow report/flag tracks that needs to be corrected?

    One example: the Fever Ray single “If I had a heart” has 4 versions of the same song, but 3 are remixes. They are not marked as such, so the “collapse” feature of Spotify that shows you just one of multiple versions of a song actually HIDES the remix tracks.

    Thanks for a great service!!! Keep it up!

  6. Great news.
    You could sort the newslist by artist and use clickable http-link instead of the Url.
    Then the list would be more useful.

  7. Is this some kind of joke?

    I was very happy about this update until the third time I tried to play an artist and it was not available in Sweden.

    Not even the SWEDISH group Svenska Akademien is avalible in Sweden.


  8. Finally the new Hammerfall! oh.. wait.. ofc. Not available in Your country ;(

    I’ve been looking through the xml with the released material. Except from the enormous amount of unknown German artists. None of the music i listen to that have been added (except for Edguy actually) is available in my country.

    I really really hope there will be a change of the rights to play music in other countries in the future.

    First spotify looked great.. then it looked bad with all the music removal. Now more music has been added, and i was happy for about 10 minutes til i realized i cannot actually play it.

    Keep up the good work Spotify, i know it’s not You making the laws. Let’s just hope the music business realize that spotify is the future.

  9. I believe there is a lack of option in the registration form: Under country, you should be able to choose “World citizen” =)

    But seriously, the addition off all these songs so short after the tragedy of having to remove so many songs as you had to last wednesday more than makes up for it on your part. Now it is us, the users turn!
    I for one will make damn sure all my favorite bands that either has yet to appear on spotify, have country restrictions or has asked to be removed will be informed in no uncertain terms that failure to appear on spotify = loss of sale on my part. No CD’s, DVD’s, t-shirts or concerts will be bought until they remedy the situation!

  10. Great stuff with the new albums, look forward to more updates!

    As a new user, is there a suggestion box anywhere? I agree with larsb about being able to flag any tracks which are incorrectly labelled. Maybe something similar could be used with the date issue calpurnio flagged.

    Would it be possible to flag the new tracks when doing a search or when clicking on an artists listing?

  11. Spotify really is the future!

    I have been trying the beta for a while and it has been a blast. Not a single error after weeks so it’s a great beta indeed.
    One thing i can’t understand is why some artists won’t be a part of this, how is this any different than the radio? Just because you can choose what to listen to?

  12. “Just because you can choose what to listen to?”

    That’s the key issue, yes.

  13. this is great news, this proves that you listen to your customers. Which is one thing a lot of companys seem to not do.

    suggestion: being able to search after label, but also after country. Me for example, listen to alot of japanese and asian artists and love to fin out new artists each day. It would be fun if you could fin some more artists from japan and korea. you have tons of chinese music but just a handfull of japanese artists. I’d love if you had X JAPAN, Malice Mizer, morning musume and Aikawa nanase.

  14. Following on from what expeditionen and donpetter have written, it’s not just a plain text file. It uses the UTF-8 encoding. If you’re importing it into Open Office, you should make sure that ‘Unicode (UTF-8)’ is selected in the drop-down list at the top of the Text Import dialogue box. I assume that’s what Andres is referring to with “the names may be a little messy.” Get the encoding wrong, and you can end up with things like ‘Jacob’s Mouse’.

  15. Great job! 😀

    Now you must try to add some japanese music as Fantastic Plastic Machine, Halcali, YMCK,… 😛

  16. Super! Not that I cared, but some did make a huge “thing” of it. Everyone is happy!

  17. Well, happy days. Almost. Good thing with a published list. Unfortunately, there were next to nothing in the update worth cheering over. When’s the next batch coming?


  18. Andres – I don’t want to be the constant whiner, but do you have any insights as to how the ripping/conversion is done? I’ve come across a track or two that skips and/or crackles. Is it on your end or do you get the content delivered this way from the labels/distributors?

    I suppose this is unavoidable in the end – so, any mechanism for reporting such tracks?

  19. konnykruka – We get the data directly from the labels or aggregators. We don’t have a mechanism to report bad songs or incorrect metadata but it’s something we hope to provide in the future since we know that there are a fair number improvements that could be made.

  20. I see Danny Elfman’s wonderful Milk soundtrack is up now but it’s not listenable in the uk due to it not being released here yet does anyone know the uk release date for that soundtrack

  21. cyborgmatt – We’re having some minor issues rolling out today’s update to all users so the changes will likely be posted tomorrow morning.

  22. Great job there iwth the list. It makes browsing for new experiences much much easier.

  23. Thank you very much! Spotify is the future, recordlabels need to understand that. Fuck the country restrictions.

    A request to Spotify team: Please add all 2Pac albums, inluding Better Dayz, and all eyezz On me and Ressurection soundtrack! thanks, this update you have added new 2pac albums, I’m really appreciated! Thanks.

  24. Great dudes! What if it would be possible to add artist names in a “nofity-list” so you know when something new is being uploaded to spotify (regarding that artist)?

    Still waiting for Bloc Party – Silent Alarm 😉

  25. Yesss , this list is so good to have , i just look for favourite labels and i can find som more new intreseting music.

  26. Hey, thanks for these great news guys, I believe Spotify can be the future of music if you keep it up.

    However, it seems Sweden is a bit unlucky, since a lot of the albums are unavailable here. Is there a particular reason for this?

    Seems a pity anyhow, with the additions of new Morrissey material, Danko Jones material, Langhorns and a lot more which are still unavailable in Sweden. I know the record companies are probably holding you back, but please try to rectify this since we’re apparently in for a cold and snowy february. We need that music! 😉

    Oh, and in the next list it would be cool if you could post which regions the albums are available in, so I don’t get my hopes up for nothing. Thanks!

  27. Posted here:

    Could a ‘what’s new’ page in the Spotify client list the albums (and singles,etc) added in the latest update? Could you put a date by the link to this page, and highlight it if the user hasn’t checked it since the last update?

    Could you add columns ‘artist play count’ and ‘artist last played’ (e.g. retrieved from, ‘genre’ and ‘release date’? Then each user can check for new additions for artists/genres they care about, and identify which additions are new releases and which are just back-catalogue.

    In the future, could you add a ‘recommended’ column which gives a percentage match to that user? This could be heuristically based on the information above plus things like new and related artists.

    Could these columns be available in other views. In fact ‘what’s new’ could really be a special kind of search, where the result items are albums rather than tracks.

    This is related to other suggestions made elsewhere, e.g. “Customizable columns in the Spotify client”.

  28. Thanks for the update!
    Please in the future add the first Pendulum album and Chase & Status’ album “More Than Alot”! Thanks again!

  29. I like how you have British artists on Spotify, yet I can’t play them due to territorial restrictions (I’m in the UK) and a friend from Sweden can… o.O

  30. At first it may look strange with Swedish artists not being available in Sweden and U.K. artists not being available in the U.K. etc. But could this simply be out of greed from the record labels? If they are still selling a good amount of music in a particular country they may fool themselves into thinking that in the short term those sales levels will be maintained if they restrict access through spotify, while they would not loose much by granting access in other countries as they are not selling much there anyway.
    But do they also deny radio stations from playing their music in countries where the artist is popular? NO, that would be considered plain stupid, we just have to wait for them to realise that it is at least equally stupid to restrict access through Spotify.

    Personally I think that in the longer run they would probably earn more from getting a small amount of money each time a song is played instead of getting payed once for a download.
    It would be interesting if Spotify could give a ball-park figure on how much you have to pay each time a song is played, even though I understand that there may be a lot of different reasons why you would not want to disclose that.

  31. Nice, but it’s too bad you have removed about 50% of the songs in my playlists!
    Where do you have a complete list for songs that’s not available/removed in each country?


  32. 100% of my Dubai chillhouse GONE, 90% Chillout GONE, Ambient GONE, IBIZA, Spotify was the best thing since sliced bread now it’s crap, thanks for the ride, I’m off back to Triabalmixes, Pirate Bay, etc, seeya

  33. Actually that’s not an XLS file, is it? (And that’s good. XLS is Windows and no way that can be good.) But it’s a TSV file – and easy to convert to a more malleable DSV file. We’ll post a link later. Cheers.

    PS. Stop blaming Spotify for your jungle tracks disappearing. As if they’d want that. Blame John Kennedy, Peter Danowsky, Håkan Roswall, Monique Wa(d)sted, et al.

  34. Thanks For the best software ever!
    Please could you just add Five finger death punch´s new album!!
    It’s called War is the answere