Spotify missing your favorite artists? You can help

Spotify has deals with the major record labels as well as some of the large independent aggregators like Merlin but there are still lots of labels around the world which we don’t have deals with yet. Our content team is constantly working to sign new deals and get music from our current partners but it’s […]

Spotify music catalogue updated with 5,000 releases

We have another update of our music catalogue to let you know about. We’ve added over 5,000 albums and singles to Spotify today which adds up to almost 50,000 new tracks now available. This is part of our ongoing process of getting the latest new releases into Spotify as well as incorporating large portions of […]

Spotify 0.3.11

We are in the process of releasing a new version of Spotify, version 0.3.11. Changes for 0.3.11 include: Added a search button in the search field when text is entered The bug reporting menu item has been removed Clicking on a past search, or a search suggestion, updates the search field with that text If […]

Spotify signs licensing deal with INgrooves

Our music content team has been hard at work again and today we have another exciting announcement. We’ve signed an agreement with INgrooves, a leading provider of digital distribution to the independent music community, to add their catalogue of about 250,000 tracks to Spotify. The INgrooves catalogue includes artists like Dolly Parton, The Crystal Method, […]

Spotified CD collection and some other community sites

Quite a few Spotify related sites have appeared since we launched in October, I’ve previously mentioned a number of them which are dedicated to sharing playlists but there are lots of other sites that talk about Spotify or have used Spotify in interesting ways. This morning a user posted his Spotified CD Collection on the […]

Spotify Music catalogue updated today with 2000 releases

We still have a lot of content to add to our catalogue so I’m happy to tell you that we have another music update today. Almost 2000 releases were added to Spotify this afternoon, for the full listing have a look at this Google Doc. And as always not all songs may be available in […]

Spotify cranks up classical music content with Naxos deal

Spotify, the subscription and ad-supported music streaming service, has struck a deal with the world’s leading classical music label, Naxos. The agreement will give users access to one of the largest and fastest growing catalogues of state-of-the-art classical recordings available, bolstering Spotify’s efforts to offer increasingly eclectic and varied musical content. The deal with Naxos, […]

Spotify to add classical content from Naxos

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve signed an agreement with Naxos, one of the world’s leading classic music labels, to bring a huge selection of classical music to Spotify. The agreement with Naxos will give us over 100,000 new tracks to add to the classical genre. One of our goals has always been […]