Spotify Premium, courtesy of Ford

ford-logo.gifOur friends over at Ford have been running a contest for awhile now where users can enter to win a one month Spotify Premium account, there are 2000 accounts to be won. They are also handing out a number of invites to join Spotify Free, simply if you register for the contest.

The contest comes to an end on December 15th so you better hurry if you want a chance to win a premium account or even if you’re just looking for a free invite to Spotify before the holidays.

Spotify Premium, spread holiday joy with an invite

tomte.jpgChristmas is right around the corner and Santa made an early visit to our office and left a nice gift for our premium users. All Spotify Premium users will have one Spotify invite added to their account each day for the next 25 days to share with their family and friends. It’s just like an advent calendar but instead of getting a little present each day you get to give a gift, the gift of music.

So if you’re in the giving mood and want to send invites, go to our site and Share Spotify by entering an email address or sending invitation tokens directly via IM or Facebook to family and friends.

Spotify 0.3.8

We just released Spotify 0.3.8. For this version of Spotify:

  • Undo for playlist operations has been added
  • Username and password has been added to the proxy settings