A short introduction of Spotify’s new community manager

Hi there!

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to everyone, my name is Andres, and I’ve recently joined Spotify as a Community Manager. What that means is that I’m here to talk to, and more importantly, listen to all of our Spotify users. I’ll be actively available to users on our GetSatisfaction forums as well as posting here on the blog.

The reaction from users in our first few weeks since going public has been amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing and interacting more with you, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions or just want to talk Spotify. ☺

In the spirit of sharing I also thought I’d let you know what I’m listening to right now on Spotify. I’m more of a full album kind of guy rather than playlists and my current favorite album is Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.


  1. Make a user-community in spotify. I want friends-lists, discussions about playlists, searchable playlists etc etc.

    And a discussion-box in every collaborate playlist.

    Hi! 🙂

  2. I love spotify! But there are a few things… Will I be able to rate the music I listen to? Is there going to be a more clearly playlist? Maybe put album and playlists in folders?

  3. Thanks for givin us Spotify! A real revolution for the music business!
    I have two comments:
    The thing I miss is folders to put playlists in.
    An upload-log would also be nice to monitor what you’re making available for us.

  4. @linderborg: No, please not too much community features in Spotify, we don’t need another copy of Last.fm.

    @Andres: Welcome to Spotify and we are looking forward to hear from you too now, here and especially in the GetSatisfaction forums! We have many still unanswered questions about Spotify there… 😉

  5. Today is my first day as a Spotify user.. and I’m stunned. Spotify is just what I have been waiting for. I will absolutely become a Premium user and I want the artists to get paid for their work. Gone are the days of expensive and “environment-unfriendly” CDs.

    BTW, which media players work with Spotify? I want to subscribe and play Spotify music using the reciever in the living room. Are laptops or HTPCs the only alternatives?

  6. @ laminat: Hi laminat, this is how I did it (maybe this works for you as well):

    I connected http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/ to my stereo (AUX) and added http://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/ to all my computers with Spotify insalled on them (as you can download as many Spotify Software as you like to for free). Doing this I opted for the Family Pack of Airfoil. And now I have Spotify whereever I want to listen to music – works just fine.

    Have fun!

  7. a facebook plugin for easy sharing of playlists. and some invitations to share with friends.

  8. I agree with many of the above comments. Folders, ratings, more social interaction with friends (playlists och friends lists).
    I would also want either a plugin or something so i could listen to Spotify through my Squeezebox.
    An iPhone-app would make me a premium user.

  9. @ mellowyellow: Thanks for your tip regarding the AirportExpress solution. What I really would like to see is a Spotify script/plugin for the new XBMC MediaCenter Atlantis release (it’s available for Mac, PC and Linux). A Mac Mini with XBMC MediaCenter is a very attractive solution (it’s just the Spotify plugin that is missing ;-).

  10. Hi Andres,

    I’m pleased to see that Spotify takes community issues seriously 🙂

    Now, listen to the guys above here. I too use Airfoil and Airport Express but I have better sound quality to my Airport Express when using iTunes directly. Spotify needs to make some plugins for manage Airport Express, Logitech Squeezebox, and Netgear EVA8000.

    But, given Spotify’s flabbergasting ability for innovation, maybe you should disregard my ideas and instead go for your own strategical development to-do list. I’m sure it will be awesome too 🙂

  11. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone it’s a nice feeling to be part of something that people are so passionate about.

  12. I would also love to see Spotify available on the Squeezebox. I’m paying Rhapsody USD 14/month solely for the Squeeezebox integration but would seriously consider switching if / when you have that available.

  13. One vote for XBMC! Also mobile client for Symbian (Nokia) devices would be super.

  14. My question is about something that appeared in the second and third messages of this board, but has not been answered:

    I’m missing folders to put playlists in.

    For example: I’ve found old Santana records, that I want to keep. I’m creating one playlist for each one. But everytime, my list of playlists will be bigger and bigger. Spotify would be much easier to manage if I could create a Santana folder, and put there all these Santana records.

  15. Open APIs would help developers deliver Spotify to different applications such as XBMC and Iphone.

  16. Creating an open API is a must for you guys – let your community create something bigger with Spotify and let them help you grow.

    Failing a published API, create official plugins for the most popular 10-foot user interfaces. XBMC (along with Plex and Boxee) spring immediately to mind.

  17. I would really like to see a spotify plugin for XBMC/Plex too!
    It would be great to be able to use the XMBC remote for iPhone to control the spotify client on my mac mini through Plex.