Spotify Premium, helping you relax


To celebrate the release of Dido’s new album Safe Trip Home and as a big Thank You
to our premium users. This weekend our premium users in Sweden will not only be able to listen to Dido’s new album before it goes on open release next week, but we are also offering all you stressed souls the chance to win a day of pampering and relaxation at the infamous Yasuragi spa in Stockholm.

To enter please leave a comment to this blog, explaining why you really deserve some extra Quiet Times.

For that little something extra this weekend premium users in Sweden can also pre-listen to IL DIVO’s new album The Promise and The Priests new album.

Spotify Premium,


  1. Appreciate the _Thank You_ … Thing is, though: this album is unavailable over here, so spotify tells me…

    So: premium account I have. But: new dido album: no. Can’t listen to it 😦

  2. Hey! It’s freaking November and we live in Sweden. I need me some Yasuragi.


  3. Im woorking my ass off, and the freezing my ass off as well. I have also sold my bosses at work 2 premium accounts as well. Plus a few daypasses. They are really hooked at work now. So that is why i think i deserve a little Qualty Quiet time at the Yasuragi.

    PS. I live in Stockholm and love the product. I have even played a dj gig in Örebro on Spotify… Beat that 🙂


  4. Ohhh Please can it be me?!
    Got a winter cold and I just feel like crap. Maybe I can impress a girl with a day at the spa! Love…

    I also share a relaxing song: spotify:track:3fxL2xsoEv7RAactHP7U1U

  5. Oh lala, wouldn’t it be nice to take the fiancee out for a treat at Yasuragi? I think so! She would be thrilled and I would be so happy to get some relaxing time too.

  6. I’ll need some time of and recharge my batteries after both working and taking care of a 1-year old daughter.

  7. “Now I miss you..Now I want you…” I live in Hong Kong and my lovely girlfriend in stockholm. She really deserve some extra quiet time at yasuragi!

  8. I love Asahi and I have always dreamed of becoming some kind of japanese samurai/ninja. This could be a big step for me in my quest for relaxation and great honor.

  9. I need to relax because with all the music avaliable on Spotify I am very stressed to find the time to listen to it all.

  10. Are there any plans to give invites to users with non-premium accounts? I have a regular old free account after being invited…

  11. I getting older 😦 My next birthday is really soon and I’m will then be 30 years old. All my friends got kids, I don’t even have a girlfriend. Next week I will know if i have a job to come back to after christmas.

    To summarize, I’m very stressed for the moment and could use something to make me relax.

  12. I want to give this to my love Anna on her 30.e birthday. It´s been a hard autumn with a lot of sick kids and stress on our works. I think we are worth a little quiet time!

    // Peter

  13. Studying at KTH takes a lot out of you, lately the only recreational activities I’ve had time for is raving. Some REAL relaxing would sure come in handy ^^

  14. Hard work pays off later, laziness pays of now – After a couple of sixteen hour stretches at the office the boss wanted to show his appreciation with a Yasuragi-gift card. Placed on my desk for a couple of months it has merely reminded me of the long days I share with it. Locked up inside its little black box it eager to share the joy it bares within, with someone just like it. So the question remains, have my hard work paid off and does the laziness begin now (with someone special <3)

  15. What Swede does NOT deserve a relaxing spa during winter time (ie. rainy wet coldness) in Sweden? I hope everyone will win!

  16. Whee… I don’t need the yasuragi. My lady does. It’s been a tough autumn of workworkwork, the car is broken and the kids are sick with the flu. Now, I have invested in a 12 month Premiym subscribtion, an Apple Airport station and the Airfoil software from RougeAmoeba. I can now play Spotify content on my home stereo!

    Well, I still need to work on the WAF, Wife Appealance Factor. I have played kid songs ( spotify:user:herrberg:playlist:0ufDuUvat8zIH6FjE4ZwcV ) for the two small rascals at home, and there is plenty of other stuff I can impress her with. But what really will make her fall for the Spotify service would be a day at the Yasuragi.

    Sayonara, and please spend a couple of minutes listening to this Yasuragi playlist 🙂


  17. @ briskeby: Well, because the responsable Label for Dido doesen´t want you to listen to it in Norway just yet? It´s crazy and not understandable in times of the Internet but thats how they work. Don´t kill the messenger i.e Spotify. It´s not their fault.

  18. school school and more school. Never stop with school. It’s to much. I don’t even have time to make music any more ._. a quiet time with only relax would be the ultimate thing for me right now.

  19. all work, no sleep. my back is killing me. my best friend is soon going away for a month of travel and relax in thailand, while I, since Im going to study again in january will not afford to take a real vacation for a long time, let alone spend time at a luxourius SPA. Please i REALLY need it =(

  20. pick me =) then i’ll take my girlfriend there. She accidentaly fell down the stairs in my building when going out with her friends one evening. clumpsy, yes, but cost here nearly 6 weeks of not being able to go to work. Insurance company gives us a tough time now since she only got 1000 sek this month and i am studying 😛 whey, we could need some cheer up!


  21. Hi all,

    The winner have been notified by mail! Thank you for participating and keep your eyes on the blog for more…

    Best Regards,


    Spotify Customer Services